Brazil 5 Themes of Geography


Imagine being transported to a land of vibrant culture, samba rhythms, and breathtaking natural landscapes. This land is Brazil, a country with a rich history and unique geography that has shaped its identity. Today, we will embark on a journey to explore Brazil through the five themes of geography: location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. Let's discover what makes Brazil one of the most fascinating countries in the world and how geography plays a vital role in understanding its people, culture, and environment.

Check out this video to start learning more about Brazil!



For this lesson, you will research the country of Brazil. During your research, you will complete the Brazil 5 Themes of geography interactive notebook. Finally, you will choose one of the following projects to complete in your group.

Project Choice Board:

Create a postcard. Then, write a message like you are in vacation in Brazil. Include information about at least one idea from each of the five geography themes in your postcard. 

Commercial: Create a script and record a commercial advertising travel to the country of Brazil. Include at least one idea from each of the five geography themes in your commercial. Commercials will be recorded using the iPad and uploaded to the class padlet.

Create a Poster about Brazil: Use photos to tell about the country of Brazil. Make sure to include at least one idea from each of the five themes of geography.






Lesson One: Today you will be working on location. Review the material provided and complete the interactive notebook pages for Location. The location section begins at Tab 1. 

Today’s Notebook:

Lesson Information:

First watch this video to review the 5 themes of geography.

Next, check out this website to find Brazil’s absolute location:

Then, check out this website to learn about some interesting places in Brazil.

Then, you can use this site to find the absolute location of at least three interesting places.



Lesson 2: Place

In this lesson, you will be exploring place, one of the five geography themes. Remember place is what the area is like. This theme of geography explores the country’s culture, climate, and other things you would want to know if you visited there. Look at the notes for place in your interactive notebook. Before we get started on this lesson, we are going to practice one of the dances from Brazil the Samba. 

Ok, now let’s get started on our research.

Peruse this website to find out more about Brazilian people and culture.

Then, watch this video to learn more about Brazil’s culture

You can learn more about Brazil’s climate here:

Check out this site to identify more physical and human characteristics:,and%20a%20long%20coastal%20plain.

Here, you can find out about some of Brazil’s unique animals.


Lesson 3: Region

Today you will learn about the regions of Brazil. Start with the video the read the article to find out more about Brazil’s regions. 

Read here to find out more about the regions of Brazil:

Explore this website to learn more about the culture in the different regions of Brazil:

More information about the regions:

Now, enjoy this Brazilian folk tale.

Lesson 4: Movement

Check out this video explaining the five themes of Geography in the Minecraft World. 

Alright, now that you’ve had a refresher on the five themes, open your interactive notebook to section for movement.  For this section, you will complete a t-chart with the type of movement and a description. Don’t forget to review the notes on movement before you start reading the articles. 

First, check out this site that talks about types of transportation in Brazil.

This site also discusses transportation:

Explore this page again. Pay close attention to the history portion. It will provide you with information about why some people groups moved to Brazil.,and%20a%20long%20coastal%20plain.

Learn here about Brazil’s trade partners:

Lesson 5: Human-environment Interaction

For this lesson we will be learning about human-environment interaction. Please open your interactive notebook to the section on human-environment interaction. Review the notes about human environment interaction, then you will take notes on the article you read. For this section you can create a t-chart, a concept map, or create a dual entry journal. If you want to make your notes on notebook paper and then add them to your online notebook when you are finish, that is fine.

Ok let’s get started. From the previous readings, you might have noticed that agriculture is important in Brazil. So, to learn more about the country’s agriculture watch this video on the largest farms in Brazil.

Now, you have learned more about how the Brazilian’s are using there land. Let’s learn more about a specific section of land in Brazil, the Amazon rainforest. From the next few articles, you will learn about deforestation, what is happening in Brazil, and what Brazil is doing to protect the Amazon rainforest. Explore these articles to learn how humans are changing the environment and the benefits and drawbacks it has for Brazil’s citizens.

First, read about the Amazon rainforest here:

Next, learn about deforestation here:

Now, read this article to learn more about recent deforestation in the the Amazon Rainforest.

Finally, read about measures Brazil has taken to conserve the rainforest:,the%20conservation%20of%20tropical%20forests.

Now, that you know more about what is happening in the Amazon rainforest. Explore this website to find out more about the natural resources of Brazil, and how people are using these resources.


and here,

Project: Now that you have learned about the five themes of geography in Brazil, it is time to get with your group to create a project. Get with your picture group and collectively choose a project from the choice board.

Check out the choice Board here:


Here is the link for the Interactive Notebook checklist. Please make sure everything is complete before yo submit your notebook for grading.

Here is the link to the choice board. Click on the name of the project to view grading checklists.


After learning all these things about Brazil. Please answer this question in your journal: “How can the five themes of geography help us to develop a deeper understanding of places around the world”? 

Then, tell me: “What country would you like to learn about next?:”