bridge to teribithia


Jess is the only boy in his family besides his dad but his dad is usally gone. Jess loves to run he has been wanting to be he fastest runner in the 5th grade and this was his time,but what if someone or something changed his life forever what if someone or something might of ruind his life forever. read the book to find out.

Task research about the auther. a worksheet about this book a essay stating why you like the place teribithia.

4.make a diarama of your own teribithia


1. i have asked you to do research about the auther. So ON YOUR OWN go onto your school computer and researchabout the auther. i have given you three \websites to go onto. type these websites exactly as written

         1. patterson+facts

once you get on to the 3rd website hit the search button and type in katherine patterson.