The British Isles Map


Why do we need maps?
The answer is easy. Maps contain a lot of useful information. Map reading and map drawing is an important part of our subject. Young geographers need to be able to understand symbols since they help us to visualise what things on the ground look like.


Design your own map of the British Isles. Work with your team and show the map to your classmates at the end of the class.


1. Learn about UK Geography with the following video 

2. On the map write the names of the countries that form the UK and their capital cities. Include at least four important cities in each country.  You can consult the following link to check major cities according to population density.

3. Add these physical features to your map:

- the names of the islands

- the most important mountain ranges

- the seas surrounding the British Isles

- the main lakes and one river in each country

4. Draw the legend using symbols. Consult this document online where you can find all the symbols to create a legend for your map.

5. Look for the grid lines of each capital city and, using the scale, calculate the distance between them.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3  

Includes only


Includes countries

and capital cities.

Includes countries, capital cities

and other major cities. 




Does not include 

all the information


Includes almost all

the information


Includes all the information.  

Poor legend with

few symbols.

Fairly good legend 

with a good array

of symbols.

Very good legend. Includes 

almost all the symbols 




Does not know

how to use the grid

references to calculate

distance. The results do

not come even closer

to real distances.  

Calculates the distance

using the grid references

with slight errors. Results pretty 

close to real distances.

Knows how to determine the 

distance using the grid 

references. Very good results.

Organization Quite messy map. Difficult to read.

Clear and neat presentation.

Some symbols are not well drawn.

Clear and neat presentation. Nice colours.

Easy to read and interpret.


Peer evaluation

           1                     2                    3           

The maps that get the highest marks will be hanged on the classroom walls. 


Whether on a page of paper or on a digital device, maps are important because they help you get around in your daily life.