Postgraduate - School of English - Trinity College Dublin

What is a typical school day in Britain like? What do British pupils wear at school? Which subjects do they study? In this WebQuest you will find out about these and other questions on the British school system. You know what our schools in Italy are like and you might have heard a bit about schools in other countries - now, today you will have the chance to compare what you know so far with another perspective. The door is open - come in and find out!


Today your task is to 

  • collect information on some aspects of the British school system
  • Put the information together to show what is the British school system like.
  • After putting the information together write a paragraph which will contain your findings.
  • Present your findings in front of the class*

Your task for today's session:

You will collect information on several aspects of the British school system and, parting from your knowledge about the Italian school system, put together a booklet in  which you will write about the contrasts between the British and the Italian system. You will explore various websites in search of information and take down some notes. When putting together your text, you will make sure that you

  • include only relevant information
  • use key words rather than full sentences
  • provide examples and/or images where appropriate
  • at the end: include your personal opinion on which of the systems you prefer
  • give reasons for your opinion.

Step 1

Work  and answer the following questions:

1. How old are the British when they start school?

2. What are the different education stages?

3. Do children in England wear a school uniform?

4. On what days do children attend school?

Step 2 - A typical school day

1. What time do the children arrive at school?

2. What time does school start?

3. What happens at "Registration"?

4.What time does Assembly start?

5. What do children do at assembly?

6. What time is the first break and what do the children do at break time?

7. When does lunch time begin and how long does it last?

8. When does school end?

9. What do the children do after school?

inoltre sarà importante valutare "Uniform si, Uniform no". what do you think about? Rispondere a queste domande vi  aiuterà nel vostro compito 

Why wear a Uniform? 

  • When we go on a school trip we all look the same and so can't get lost. Stops kids worrying about what to wear each day. 

  • Everyone is equal. 

  • Parents don't have to shop for expensive and varied wardrobes for their children to keep up with or show-off to other children 

  • Wearing a uniform instills a sense of pride and discipline in students 

Why not to wear a uniform: 

  • Uniforms deny students their right to personal identity and self-expression. 

Can you think other reasons for and against wearing a school uniform?  

Anche questi link, soprattutto per il dibattito uniform si-uniform no 

Potete arricchire il vostro elaborato con fotografie 


After completing the activity, you should have learned the most important features of the English school system. Once you have completed your assignment put together all the information collected and write one paragraph. You should be able to report it orally, too.

You will  then present your findings in front of the class.