Bugs in Our Backyard


Bugs in our Backyard allows you to contribute to on-going research on the distribution of insects in our communities. Several different surveys target different plant and insect species. So wherever you live, chances are, you can contribute to the project! 


Follow the link below for background information.

Bugs In Our Backyard



  •  Identify the golden raintree Koelreuteria paniculata.
  •  Identify the soapberry bug Jadera haematoloma
  •  Identify some common insect orders and families
  •  Record data based on their observations.
  •  Contribute those data to a collaborative online research network.

How many were found? Use the link below to record your findings:

Surveys | Bugs In Our Backyard


 The conclusion page wraps up the assignment, goes over the sorts of things that your students should have learned, and encourages them to learn more. 

Teacher Page

Ms. A. Hadley