Business communication- Role Play EN4HOSTS


Business communication is information sharing between people within and outside an organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. It can also be defined as relaying of information within a business by its people. (

Today students of Tourism are called to use the english language as the only language to work with in various business areas.

  1. To practise speaking skills  

  2. To improve students’ vocabulary on business communication

  3. To identify useful phrases in video related to Booking accommodation

  4. To work in groups and present a realistic dialogue concerning offering information on cultural activities in his hometown,providing information on leisure activities for different types of customers, booking accommodation, provision of additional services, resolving complaints or asking feedback concerning the degree of satisfaction of tourists.



1.  warmer

Few words about business communication  by the teacher

2. reading/listening/writing/group work

The students watch a video from YouTube and then in groups fill in the exercises related to the video. A multiple choice exercise, a fill in the gaps exercise and a put in correct order exercise. work ,writing

The students work in groups to fill in the worksheet given to them in order to identify which ways are used in complaining and which in apologizing

4. writing,group work, role-play

The students work in groups and prepare a dialogue after choosing one out of the four scenarios offered .
















worksheet not filled out. 

Worksheet filled out. Lacking correct information and appropiate responces.

Worksheet filled out. Correct answers but lacking descriptions that show knowledge has been gained.

Worksheet filled out with correct answers and appropiate responces that demonstrate that knowledge has been gained.




dealing with



no phrases circled or underlined

2-4 phrases found 

5-7 phrases found

all phrases circled and underlined properly





no role play written or presented

role play presented but lacking in meaning and fluency

role play presented adequately

role playwell written and presented



This webquest was created by a team of teachers, within the co-funded Erasmus plus KA2  partnership “English for hospitality” (EN4HOSTS), project number: 2017-1-RO01-KA201-037159, KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices ,KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education


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