Business Plan


Welcome to the WebQuest for building a business plan. 



Watch the following videos:



Your group will formulate a hypothetical business plan. 

  1. Come up with a good or service you will sell to the public.
  2. Create Mission/Vision Statements.
  3. Conduct market research/analysis.
  4. Create financial strategy
Criteria Proficient Acceptable Needs Improvement
Mission/Vision Statement Plan contains a well thought out mission and vision statement.  Contains mission and vision statement but not enough thought has been put into it. Missing either mission or vision statement.
Market Analysis Contains market analysis with outlook of competition and risk analysis and target consumer information Market analysis mostly contains information on competition, risk analysis, and target consumer information. Some content needs more information. Market analysis is missing either competition, risk analysis, or target consumer information..
Financial Strategy Contains realistic costs of goods/services, expected price and profit. Costs of goods or services, expected price, or profit are unrealistic or unattainable. Missing costs of goods/services, price, or profit information.



Your group will turn in your Webquest business plan as the final semester grade.  Thank You.