Business studies: Functions of a business


Good day Grade 9s welcome to my new web quest!!!

So the rules have not changed from the ones you know, whenever you feel like you need clarity on something do not hesitate to message me and ask for clarity.

The following lesson is to help you in knowing business functions and how many of them we have and their uses.

At the end of the lesson, you should be able to know that businesses divide their employees into teams and functions. You should also be able to discover how each function has an important role to play in helping other functions and lastly to learn what these functions are and who works in them. 

For today's lesson we will first go through the notes that I will give you then have an activity based on the notes.

Business Functions - Georgia's Site


I have sent you guys a picture of the notes of business functions, I want us to go through these notes so that we can have a small activity based on the notes.

Business Functions | Malta

So these are the business functions that I am talking about.




I need you guys to please answer the following questions:


  1. List the functions of a business                                                                 


  1. Explain the term ‘functions of a business’                                                 

     3. Name TWO important actions of the public relations function in creating goodwill for  the business                                                                                               

    4.  Explain what the production function does                                                 


  1. Identify the function that controls loans and investments.                          



Here is the memorandum of the activity: 

  1. Administration




         Public relations

         Human resources


         General management

         Risk management


  1. The functions of a business are the main activity divisions needed in the business and make it operate efficiently, all activities in a business have the purpose of helping business reach its goals.


  1. (1) Evaluate public opinion by means of market research


         (2) Plans activities to achieve goodwill towards the business


  1. It transforms inputs from the environment into outputs offered by the business to consumers, in other words, this function uses resources to manufacture goods or offer for the consumer market.


  1. Finances

We have reached the end of today's lesson.

I need you to please recap on those notes and try to answer some questions that are in your textbooks, the ones are usually in your textbooks at end of the topic because there is a high possibility that some of them will be in your term test.

For now take care of your selves, be safe and keep well till next time.