Business Studies Grade 11: Influences on business environments


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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the operation of businesses during the year 2020. Many had to close their doors due to national lockdown. Lots of business owners had to either consider selling their businesses or developing an alternative way of being function within the rules of the government. Each and every of the Business environments were affected due to the rapid change.

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Business Studies Assignment 

Grade 11

Due: 4 June 2021

Topic: Influences on the Business environments 

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Part 1

1. How was  each of the business environments influenced during the Covid-19 pandemic. (3x2)

2. Explain the effect the micro environment has on the market environment. (3x2)

3. Explain how the macro environment influence both the market and micro environment. (3x2)


Part 2 

Case study 

Jolene is a young entrepreneur who just opened her first store called Africa Taste in year 2018. See designs her own clothing range as well as custom made clothing but what really makes her store unique is that some of her clothing and cosmetics are imported from Nigeria. As she was building her clientele her business took a huge turn with the Covid-19 pandemic. It had huge impact on her business and she had to rethink her business strategy in way of staying operational within the government rules and regulations or else she will have to close her doors permanently. She decided to tap into her macro environment and look into PESTEL.

1. What is PESTEL about? (1x2)

2. Jolene decided to look into three aspects of PESTEL to keep her business functional which are the physical environment, technological environment and socio-economic environment.

2.1 Describe the market business environment and name four variables. (5x2)

2.2 How can these each of these three environments help save Africa Taste. (5x2)




Read the introduction of the Webquest carefully as it will give you an idea what the assignment is about. 

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Read the instruction before answering the questions.

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Part 1                                                              Mark                                                                              Total                            

Answer the question with three statements. Try not to repeat the same statement.


3x2= 6

Mention direct interference the one environment has on the other.


3x2= 6

Mention at least three facts the one environment has on both environments


3x2= 6
Part 2                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Define what PESTEL is about.


1x2= 2

List at least five challenges.


5x2= 10

Referring to the physical, technological and socio-economic environment.


5x2= 10

                                                                                                                                                                                          Total: 40 marks


In conclusion, the lesson we have looked at were intended to show the interaction the business environments  has on each other and how they interact. 

We will be looking further into this topic of business environment. Please follow in your textbook on page 15, challenges in the business environments.

Also look at the link below. 

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The importance of the lesson was for you as the learner  to conduct your own research and explore how relevant real life situations are and how they relate to  the subject Business Studies. As this is our first term assessment I am looking forward to working with you Grade 11 and I hope we will make this a very successful year. 

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