Cartoon analysis and creating a cartoon-Grade 10 English Home Language


Please watch the attached video for an introduction to the topic covered.



You have been tasked with analysing a cartoon as well as to create your own cartoon.

Refer to the resources provided for more insight on the required cartoon.


  •  Analyse the cartoon by using the steps which are provided under "process" heading
  • Create your own cartoon: include the following
  1. Body language
  2. picture in frames
  3. setting
  4. point/conclusion






Follow the steps provided to complete your given task.

Step 1: Analyse the cartoon resource numbered 1

  • identify the characters, symbols and objects in the cartoon
  • look for clues and details that would give further meaning
  • identify the main idea of the cartoon by reading any captions and putting the message in your words
  •  identify any bias the cartoonist might have. 

Step 2: Cartoon Analysis Worksheet   resource numbered 2

  • analyse the cartoon by using the 3 levels in the worksheet.     
  •  Level 1: visual, level 2: words, level 3: describe

Step 3: Cartoon drawing 

  • Create your own cartoon, incorporating some of the five key elements: irony, exaggeration, symbolism and labeling.
  • Recources:
  • 1. Please watch the following video for a step-by step analysis:

  • 2. watch the following when completing the worksheet

  • 3. watch the following video on how to draw a cartoon

  • your cartoon task will be assessed according to the rubric provided.

Rubric :


After this Webquest you are able to:

  • analyse cartoon
  • analyse the cartoon by using the 3 levels 
  • create your own cartoon drawing.
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