Causes of Climate Change


Scientists believe that some of the worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030. As the future of our world, it is important to understand the impact your every day life has on everyone in the world today and future generations before it's too late. Today, it's your job to research ways that we are contributing to climate change and explain it to your peers at school. You will create a poster that we will copy and hang up around school for others to see and read.


Research one cause of climate change and create a poster explaining to your peers how they could be contributing to climate change. Your poster should explain the cause as well as a solution or alternative and include pictures. 


You will work in a group of three to complete this Web Quest and create your poster. There are three roles that need to be taken in your group:

1) Researcher: This person will figure out which facts and information should be included on the poster. The will also cite all sources accurately for the project.

2) Designer: This person will design the poster. They will choose fonts, photos, colors, and the layout.

3) Note Taker: This person will write down information found by the researcher.

Once all roles have been decided upon, you will need to look through the websites and videos listed. As you research and watch, each person will need to work on their portion of the assignment. The researcher should be listening/reading for important information, the note taker should be writing these things down, and the designer can be looking for photos or screenshots of videos to include on the poster as well as other inspiration for design. 


Your poster must include:

-A clear title (the cause you are researching)

-At least three statistics about this cause

-A solution or alternative

-At least two statistics about this alternative

-Two pictures

-A QR code that will link peers to a place where they can find out more information 

  4 points

2 points

1 point


Use of Class Time

Used time well during each class period. Focused on getting the project done. Never distracted others.

Used  some of the time well during each class period. There was some focus on getting the project done but occasionally distracted others. 

Did not use class time to focus on the project OR often distracted others.


Required Elements

The poster includes all required elements.

All but 1 of the required elements are included on the poster.

Several required elements were missing.



The poster is exceptionally attractive in terms of design, layout, and neatness.

The poster is acceptably attractive though it may be a bit messy. The poster is distractingly messy or very poorly designed. It is not attractive.  

Great job!! You have created a poster that is going to help educate the other students in the building about a cause of climate change and what they can do to help. 


1. The Causes of Climate Change

2. Global Climate Change: What you Need to Know

3. Human Activities are Impacting the Climate System….


4. Nine Ways we Know Humans Triggered Climate Change


5. Causes and Effects of Climate Change (video)