Thai spending more time reading : survey

The statistics of reading in Thai people in 2016. Thai people pay attention from social media more than the book each age will be attend to different strong and spent time to reading differently.


1. Have student read from the story that the teacher assigned to.

2. Analyze data from the subject.

3. Classify the type from the subject assigned by the teacher.



1.Read and enter the website.

2.From information read, study and classified three categories from content and making three graphs.

3.Let students prepare statistics for reading books by Thai people using the Excel program.

sources : http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/Thais-spending-more-time-reading-survey-30282915.html?fbclid=IwAR0tLRqESe8y70jlednAVpGzObny_BjCYHk7JdyYlwWk9oNALthFVNk8u-4


Scoring criteria for work pieces.









1.Work piece pattern


The work piece modal is correct as determined by both.

The correct work pattern ,mostly wrong, not more than 3 points.

The wrong piece of work is over 3 point.

The piece of work is not all correct.

Not making a graph at all.


2.Interesting new styles


The most interesting new style.

Very much interesting new style.

The medium interesting new style.

Less interesting new style.

The formal it not interesting.


3.The size of the graph is appropriate.


The size of the graph is most appropriate.

The size of the graph is very appropriate.

The size of the graph is moderate appropriate.

The size of the graph is less appropriate.

Not appropriate.


4.Colorful pattern


The most colorful pattern.

The pattern is very colorful.

The pattern is colorful moderately.

The pattern is colorful little.

Not colorful.


5.Paragraph in relation to the content


The paragraph is most relevant to the content.

The paragraph is very relevant to the content.

The paragraph is moderate relevant to the content.

The paragraph is little relevant to the content.

The paragraph is not relevant to the content.

Presentation criteria









1.Preparing of presentation


The students prepared very well, no defects.

The students have a few defects.

The students have some defects.

The students have a lot of defects.

The students are not prepared.




Very confident, speaking eloguently.

Confident, speaking eloguently.

Moderate confident, speaking a little bit of polish.

No confident, speaking has a lot of fault.

No confident, the students cannot speaking.




Have the most creatively.

Very creative.

Moderate creativity.

Have a few creatively.

No creatively.


4.Content accuracy


Have the most accurate content.

Very accurate content.

Moderately accurate content.

Have a few of accurate content.

Content is incorrect.



For teacher 

   1. Let students know the classification of reading books.

   2. Let students come to present in class.


For student

   1.Students can summarize from the information.

   2. Students can use the Excel program.

   3.Students can speak and present their work well.