Ceramic Artist Inspiration


Pack your bags, you are going on a trip visiting ceramic artists and their artwork! 

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You will go on a virtual trip visiting,  exploring and researching ceramic artists around the world that interest you. 


You will use your trip research as inspiration to assist you in creating a work plan for the first portfolio piece of your

sustained investigation. 


Have fun and visit lots of ceramic friends and their work and choose those that you personally like! 



You are now ready to start your journey visiting ceramic artists and their work!


Below are 6 links to sites with the names and artwork of ceramic artists. 


Internet Resources: 

1. Title: The American Museum of Ceramic Art:

    This site has ceramic information on artists, exhibitions(past, present and virtual) 

URL: https://www.amoca.org/


2. Title: Contemporary Ceramic Art- Ceramics Now

    This site has information on ceramic artists, exhibitions and various articles and information about all things ceramics

URL: https://www.ceramicsnow.org/artworks/


3. Title: Artists- International Ceramics Directory

     This site is a list of 27 countries around the world with and lists and links to their ceramic artists

URL: https://verzeichnis.ceramic-link.de/artists/


4. Title: Ceramics and Pottery Arts and Resources

URL: https://www.veniceclayartists.com/contemporary-ceramic-art/

     This site is a resource for ceramic artists, techniques, designs and dictionary with weekly posts on various ceramic topics          and techniques. Past posts are viewable on the right side bar. 


5. Title: Ceramics Now- Ceramics Artist Lists

URL: https://www.ceramicsnow.org/featured/

     This site is a list of contemporary ceramic artists. Click on an artist’s name for their information and images of their work. 


6. Title: Artsy.net

URL: https://www.artsy.net/collection/ceramics

   This site has numerous examples of ceramic art that is available for sale on the contemporary art market and it is very                 up-to-date on the current trends in ceramics.


Step 1:Research Ceramic Artists

Take your time and explore the work and images on each site above. There are so many different ways in which ceramic artists work, express their ideas, construct their work and decorate their surfaces. Try to visit all the sites and view as many of the artists as you can. You should visit at least 4 of the sites minimum and scroll through the long lists of artists and their work. Do not choose your 10 all from one or two sites and from the top of the lists. 

After traveling to visit the different artists and their work, choose 10 that you like and fill out the  Artist Inspiration Worksheet #1 as you go. The worksheet can be found in the Credits section further down in the Webquest for you to print.  Some things to consider may be subject matter or imagery, construction, process, use of color, surface decoration, etc.   Choose pieces that speak to you individually and inspire you!

The worksheet has sections for you to fill out about each artist. Be sure to fill in all the required information which includes: 

  • Name of the artist

  • Site which you used to find their name and work(you will need to return to the site again)

  • The name of one piece you especially like and a sketch of it. If color is a main element of the piece, color your sketch on the worksheet. 

  • Notes on what stands out to you- a few points about what you like about the piece (color, design, subject matter etc.)

Hint: See the evaluation rubric to see how I will be evaluating your choices and the number of sites and artists you have reviewed.  


Step 2: Choose your top 5

Now you are ready to evaluate your 10 choices and cut it down to your top 5 choices.  Fill out the Artist Inspiration Worksheet #2 about your top 5 choices. The #2 Worksheet is also in the Credits section for you to print. 

You will need to return to the website you found the artist/piece on to gather more information. You may or may not need to research some more to gather all the information needed for the worksheet. If so, search the artist’s name + ceramic + artist in the search engine.

Information you are required to fill out about your top 5 includes:

  • The type of clay used (examples: stoneware, earthenware, porcelain)

  • The construction methods or processes the artist uses. (examples: hand-built, thrown, cast, coil etc.)

  • A sentence or two about what you like about their work

  • An idea or ideas on how you might use their work as inspiration for your own future artwork in your sustained investigation. This may include subject matter, construction methods, surface decoration etc.)


Step 3: Create an Artist Statement 

Review your top 5 list and think about the information you gathered and your own interests. Use this information as inspiration to create an idea work plan for your first portfolio piece. Then write a 3 paragraph Artist Statement about what you plan to do for your first piece.  

Remember: You are using your researched information for inspiration, not copying another artist’s work. 

In the first paragraph: Describe what your piece’s subject matter or concept idea will be. Describe what you want to explore or express in your creation. 

In the second paragraph: Describe what type of clay you plan to use, construction techniques or processes and plan for the surface decoration. 

In the third paragraph: Describe how your artist research inspired your work plan for your own piece.


Ceramic Artist Inspiration WebQuest Rubric 40 points total


Advanced                    10 points

Proficient                          8 points

Needs Improvement        5 points

Personal Investigation

The student investigated a large variety of artists from multiple website sources (4 or more websites) and utilized the sources to view as many artists as possible

The students investigated artists, but chose only artists from 2or 3 of the available websites or from the top of the lists

The student investigated artists, but chose all from the same website and top of the lists displayed

Research Documentation

The student completed all the required information research thoughtfully and filled out all areas of both worksheets in detail

The student completed the sections of the worksheet, but did not put a lot of effort into it or did not add much detail

The student filled out some of the required areas, but not all and very little detail was included

Analysis and Connections

The student analyzed the information and made strong connections to personal ideas to formulate an Artist Statement/ Work Plan based on the researched inspirations

The students analyzed the information and formulated an Artist Statement/Work Plan that is somewhat based on their research, but not fully developed or clear

The student may have analyzed their researched information and wrote an Artist Statement/Work Plan, but their connections with the artist inspiration material is unclear or is off track

Artist Statement/Work Plan

The student completed the Artist Statement/Work Plan in detail and included all the required information.

The student completed the Artist Statement/Work Plan with some, but not a lot of detail and included most of the required information.

The student may or may not have completed the Artist Statement/Work plan but did not include details or some of the required information was missing.



You have traveled to see artists around the world and engaged with multiple sources to inspire you and help you identify your own personal ideas, interests and choices for your portfolio! 


Additional Learning Opportunities: 

Here are a couple other sites with articles about well known ceramic artists to check out. See what you think. After viewing the work of numerous ceramic artists, do you agree with the author of the first site that these are some of the best ceramic artists in the world? Why or why not? 

Art In Context: Famous Ceramic Artists-Looking at the World’s Best Pottery Artists

URL: https://artincontext.org/famous-ceramic-artists

My Modern Met- Innovative Ceramic Artists Breathing New Life Into An Age-Old Art

URL: https://mymodernmet.com/contemporary-ceramic-artists/


Now that you have a Work Plan completed you will begin creating your first portfolio piece in your sustained investigation! 

                                                                                                    Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty!



Artist Worksheet #1: Fill in all the boxes for your 10 researched Ceramic Artists                                                               Name: ________________________

Artist #

Artist Name

Name of which website you found the artist

Title of one piece by the artist

What stands out about the piece or what you like about it and their work

Sketch of the piece



























































Page 2

Artist #5

Artist Name

Name of which website you found the artist

Title of one piece by the artist

What stands out about the piece or what you like about it and their work

Sketch of the piece






























































Artist Worksheet #2: Fill in all the boxes for your TOP 5 Researched Ceramic Artists                                                                       Name: ________________________

Artist #

Artist Name

Name of which website you found the artist

Type of clay(s) used

Construction Methods and/or processes used

Idea(s) about how you might use the work as inspiration for your own portfolio pieces idea

































































Page 2

Artist #

Artist Name

Name of which website you found the artist

Type of clay(s) used

Construction Methods and/or processes used

Idea(s) about how you might use the work as inspiration for your own portfolio pieces idea














































Teacher Page

Goals for the WebQuest: 

1.  Student will perform a personal investigation of visual ideas

2.  Students will develop a practice of engaging with sources for idea generation and visual reference

3.  Students will explore multiple ceramic artists, their work, personal choices with imagery and concept selection, form, construction techniques and surface decoration

4. Students will identify and utilize multiple sources to establish awareness of personal ideas, interests and aesthetic choices to envision possibilities for their own personal investigation and artistic decision making

5.  Students will use information from their research as inspiration to formulate a work plan and investigation for their first ceramic work of art for their portfolio.



Ohio Learning Standards/Visual Arts/June 2022 Draft

Content Standards: CR: Creating: Artists use creative thinking and reasoning skills to perceive concepts and ideas to develop works


CO: Connecting: Artists understand and communicate the value of creative expression in internal and external contexts