Chapter 101: Superhero Webquest


Do you have a favorite superhero?

Have you ever wanted to be like them? 

In this webquest, we'll take you on a journey and discover your superhero preferences. 

To use this webquest, go to the task part by scrolling the page and progress from there.



Imagine that you are a superhero(ine):

What kind of supernatural powers would you have?

What kind of suit would you wear?

What would you do with these supernatural powers?

Describe yourself to your friend so that he/ she can draw your picture as a hero. Then let him/ her tell himself/ herself and you draw him as a hero.

Present the poster of your hero that your friend drew for you in class.


Step 1:

  • What kind of supernatural powers would you have?
  • What kind of suit would you wear?
  • What would you do with these supernatural powers?

Think about those questions and create a superhero based on your answers.


For starters, if you don't know too many superpowers, you can watch this video and learn more about them.

If you know enough superpowers to create your own, then it is time to work. 


Step 2: You can talk with your friend using any way possible (any social media or online talking platform like Discord, Skype or Whatsapp).


You are supposed describe what your superhero wears and what his/her superpowers are to your friend so he/she can draw it for you.


To draw each other, you can use the following:

- Gartic Phone (Sandwich mode):  (If you don't know technology that much) (you can also download or take a screenshot at the end)

- Paint : It is already in your ''Windows'' pc

- Paint 3D : It also exists in your ''Windows'' pc

- Or you can do it on actual paper.


After creating your friend's character, you are going to send it to him/her.


Step 3: Then, you will use Canva to make a poster that shows both your character's visual and it's cool superpowers. If you don't know how to use Canva, check this video to find out how:


Step 4: When your poster is done, you will present it in class. You are going to talk about your superhero's powers, costume, and why you chose to create a superhero like this. 


You'll be evaluated and you'll get a score based on some criterias that are on the next part. To see them, go to "Evaluation'' page.


This chart shows you how you will be evaluated on your presentation:

  Beginning (1) Developing (2) Qualified (3) Exemplary (4) Score

Stutters a lot

Open for improvement Enough for daily speech Speaks without hesitation          Max 4

Needs a lot of help            communicating: doesn't respond clearly.

Tries to communicate, but sometimes does not respond clearly. Stays on task most of the time and usually responds clearly. Almost always responds appropriately.          Max 4

No effort

No obvious creativity Eye-catching but not  excellent

Very creative idea for presentation,grabbed the attention of the class

         Max 4

Didn't communicate with their partner

Didn't describe the character well to their partner Enough team effort Exceptional team work and product          Max 4

Many mistakes so that comprehension is difficult at times.

A few mistakes that make the talk difficult to follow Some small mistakes but these do not affect understanding Almost perfect language          Max 4
                             Total: 20



Now that everything is done, you can finally relax.

And don't forget, you don't need a cape or cool powers to be a hero yourself.