We are going to start reading a novel together soon in class.

Before we start, it's good to make sure that we know about narrative conventions so we can understand and analyse what we read.

This web quest will help us explore characterisation.

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Before we start, make sure your English book is set up.

  1. Open up a new page in your Interactive Journal/English book, don't rule a margin up yet because you will be drawing a table.
  2. Put todays date at the top and this title "Characterisation WebQuest"
  3. Make a new subheading in your contents page: "Novel"
  4. Make a contents page entry for today titled "Characterisation WebQuest" with the page number.

Characterisation is an important part of writing. Think about your favourite Books, TV Shows and Movies. What is a key factor that makes them great? The answer usually includes well created characters, because they are who we experience the story through. In this lesson, you will be provided with definitions for what characterisation is, how to identify it in a story, and how it is used effectively.


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Go to these websites and read about characterisation.

Now that you have a better understanding of characterisation, it's time to get creative!!

In your notebook draw a table with three columns like the example at the bottom, the first two should be smaller than the last column.

Fill in your table with some of the ways an author might write about you if you were a fictional character.

List as many characteristics or features that define you as possible. For each one list which STEAL technique an authour could use and an example of how. Try to use both indirect and direct characterisation,


Feature STEAL? Example
Curly Hair L: Looks Her hair was curly and wild like it had a mind of its own. (direct) 
Loves Bubble Tea A: Actions She picked up her weekly bubble tea on the way home. (indirect)
Sense of Humour E: Effect Her friend choked on their drink, "Next time, give me some warning, so I don't take a drink right before you say something like that!" they exclaimed between giggles.

You can earn up to three stickers today based on whether your work overall is Excellent (3), Good (2) or Statisfactory (1).


Category Excellent (3 Stickers) Good (2 stickers) Satisfactory (1 Sticker) Needs Work
Interactive Journal
  • All Pages numbered
  • Contents page up to date
  • All Titles and Dates up to date
  • Table neatly drawn and filled in.
  • Page Numbered
  • Contents page entry
  • Titles and Dates
  • Table neatly drawn and filled in.
  • Numbered Page
  • Contents page entry
  • Titles and Date
  • Table Completed
  • Missing major elements
  • 10+ features listed
  • at least one feature for each STEAL element
  • 5 features listed
  • at least one feature for each STEAL element.
  • 5 features listed
  • at least one feature for each STEAL element
  • less than 5 features listed
  • missing some STEAL elements
  • Examples are well written with some compound sentences.
  • Excellent Sentence Structure, no grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Simple, well written examples.
  • Good Sentence Structure, very few grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Gives a description of how to characterise not an example.
  • Satisfactory Sentence Structure, some grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Not written in full sentences,



Well done, you have completed the WebQuest!!

If there is still time at the end of the lesson please create a coverpage for the novel section of your Interactive Journal/English book.

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