Charles Dickens- author of A Christmas Carol


Charles Dickens is the author of the novel A Christmas Carol written in 1843 during the Victorian Era in England. Complete the webquest to learn information about his life, his famous Christmas story, and the time period. Be sure to write your answers in complete sentences on your Charles Dickens WebQuest handout.


There are three tasks:

TASK ONE: Charles Dickens

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1. Click on the link to answer the questions about the life of Charles Dickens.

2. Charles DIckens lived well after he married and was a successful writer. Tour his house and tell what your favorite room would have been.

3. This note at the bottom of this web page appears in the front of A Christmas Carol novel. What do you think Charles Dickens is trying to tell his readers?

TASK TWO: A Christmas Carol

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1. Click on the match game to learn about the main characters in Charles Dickens'  A Christmas Carol.

2. Open the web page Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Read the first paragraph to answer the questions.

3. Charles Dickens would carry a notebook around and write interesting words or names. Then he would later use what he had discovered when he needed words or characters' names for his novels. Click on the name generator website to create the best character name ever.



TASK THREE: Victorian Era


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The Victorian Era had very different social classes, the very rich and the very poor. Children were forced to work to help earn money for the family, school changed drastically during this era, sickness from the poor areas of towns caused many deaths especially in children, and the food was scarce.

1. View the many topics about the Victorian Era and write a few facts you learned. Do not copy and paste; please put information in your own words.

2. Do you ever wonder who invented school and why you have to go? Blame the Victorian Era. Read about education during this time period and answer the questions.

3. When times are tough, the poor had to take what they could afford. View some "tasty" treats of the times.


Complete each task to the best of your ability, writing the answers in complete sentences or filling in the blanks.