The Chemistry Relating to Heartburn



by Kenesha Townsend Heath  

Have you ever felt your stomach burning or hear another person complaining about burning of the stomach?


Objectives: by the end of the lesson students should be able to:

- explain the cause of heartburn, identify preventative options and name possible treatments 

- deduce the chemical principle upon which heartburn treatment is made 

- create chemical equations to represent what happen during the treatment of heartburn


To develop an understanding of what causes heartburn and the chemical principle upon which its treatment is based.

Scenario A

Kaley has been complaining about a burning sensation in her stomach for the past week and she explains that the pain is worst at nights and whenever she eats grandma's spicy fried chicken. Kaley's mother believes that it is about time to take Kaley to the doctor as the home remedy of using milk and tea seems not to be working. 



STEP 1 If you are unfamiliar with the topic of acid-base reaction click the link below (both article and videos are availabe):


Article 1


Step 2

If you are familiar with acid base topic go ahead and familiarize self with the information on heartburn. Videos and articles


What causes heartburn? click the link below for details.



what causes heartburn? Click the link below for video:

. Step 3 

Feel free to go ahead and research additional information on heartburn.

Step 4 

Using the videos, articles, textbooks in the classroom, google search and teacher given notes to to assist with completing the questions below relating to Scenario A. Students have the option to submit assignment as a:

- A interactive presentation(power-point, prezi, screencast somatic, jing or powtoon),

- Oral presentation with charts 

- word document research paper


1. What could be responsible for the constant burning sensation that Kaley has been experiencing? Explain

2. What possible reason is there for the intense burning at night and after eating spicy chicken? 

3. What could have Kaley done to prevent these stomach burning? Provide at least 3 with reasons for their use.

4. Base on the articles provided and your knowledge on the topic of acids and bases, what type of chemical could be used to treat kaley's stomach? 

5. Upon what chemical principle is the treatment of Kaley's stomach burning (base on your answer in question 3) is base. Explain

6. Provide a word and a balanced chemical equation to represent the reaction for Kaleys treatment.



 The rubric below will be used to assess the assigned task



Exceeds Expectation 



Meets Expectations


2 Satisfactory 



Needs Improvement 


Real world application           
scientific application           



I hope you have learned something from this lesson and was able to relate science to everyday life. 

in extension you can think of 2 similar reactions found in everyday life (home, industry or so). 


Students will receive a project grade for the activity to be included in power-school and counted in overall grade.