Child Exploitation in the Fashion Industry


In this Web-quest, you will have the opportunity to learn about the nature and impact of child exploitation across the world.

This activity will be a great way to familiarise yourself with an important global issue which affects young people, just like you.

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In your Legal Studies book, write the heading 'Child Exploitation in the Fashion Industry' on a new page.

This Web Quest will guide you through a series of research tasks and activities. You will to use a laptop to complete the research tasks, and will write answers to questions in your book.

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1. Go to the World Vision website. World Vision is a non-government, charitable organisation. According to World Vision, what is the definition of child labour? Write the definition in your own words.

2. Visit the UNICEF website. What does UNICEF do? 

3. According to UNICEF, how many children worldwide are subjected to child labour?

4. According to UNICEF, the situation regarding child labour has worsened as a result of the CoVid-19 pandemic. Outline why this is the case.

5. The fashion industry has been heavily criticised for its use of child labour to increase profit margins. Read this article, and answer the following questions:

a. How much does £3.50 equate to in Australian dollars?

b. One of the biggest challenges for tacking the issue of child labour in the fashion industry is the complexity of its 'supply chain'. How does this contribute to the problem?

6. Read this articleExplain why the following famous clothing brands have developed a reputation for unethical behaviour:

7. The article you read above talks about 'greenwashing'. What does that term mean, and why would a fashion label want to do this?

8. According to some sources, a woman in the US claimed civil damages after allegedly finding a dead rat sewn into a dress she had purchased from Zara. Read the article here. Do you think this was an accident, or, perhaps, a premeditated cry for help from the impoverished workers?

9. The UK brand, Primark, was a topic of controversy after it was linked to the infamous Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh in 2013. Read the story hereHow many people died in the building collapse? The media can be a very powerful non-legal response to an issue. Visit this website and engage in the interactive activities.

10. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is not the only one at fault in terms of its use of child labour. Read this articleOutline the concerns raised around the use of children to harvest cocoa for some of the world's biggest chocolate brands.

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Your final task is to reflect on what you have learned to use Canva to create an infographic which compels young people to become more aware of the impact of their consumer choices on vulnerable children who are exploited across the world.