trendy fads



  • Critically analyse and assess health-related trends and fads including the use of planned diets and exercise regimes
  •  Recognise myths and fallacies related to product marketing claims

  • Complete a series of tasks in the format of a WebQuest to raise awareness of these findings with peers


Health Fad


 Shake diets

 The shake diet works for many people. The shake diet is a formula that tricks people minds. Such as when the drink the shake their mind automatically thinks that this is a Wendy’s thick shake. And it works by fill the stomach up to the point where it is full and therefore you do not feel like eating.

 Lemon detox

 Lemon detox is designed to rid your body and accumulated toxins and may have the result of helping you to lose excess weight.

 Non sugar diet

 Designed for your body to take in less sugar and therefore does not have as much calories.

 Vegan diet

 A diet were you only eat vegetables for 12 weeks and stay constant after 12 weeks.

 Lacto-ovo vegetarianism:

 A diet were you only eat eggs and dairy foods for 12 weeks.



question 1:

each fad and health trend is promoted by overseas commercials and is also put in cataloges and is advertised with healthy people on the cover to get people to buy them.

question 2:

question 3:

for E.G michele bridges 12 wk challenge will be successful because michelle is well known for helping lose weight and also is famous so their for people will believe that it will work.

question 4:

Lemon Detox, because it has had great feedback and for people it has been succesful!

question 5:

lacto-ovo-vegeterianism, because not many people are vegetarians and also because for most people it doesn't work.

question 6:

LACTO-OVO-VEGETARIANISM: for most people it doesn't work

NON SUGAR DIET: most people will not try it because they do want to have sugar but just not lots of it

VEGAN DIET: alot of people today are not vegans therefore enjoy having meat just small portions of it.


Health Fad


Person (Name, Age, Gender, photo)

Kenneth Waikiki 22 male

Duration of Health Fad

 November 20th 2013

Reason for going on Health Fad

 Wanted to lose extra fat from his weight lose


 Joint pain, yellow eyes, dark colored urine

Did the Health Fad achieve what it claimed in any way?


Details of other similar cases

 1 other person so far has had similar reactions

Task D

Q1:  Phentermine, tanning, facial jobs being done


 Q2: people who want to feel good about themselves

 Q3: Phentermine makes people cranky, sleepy, heart goes fast, stomach cramps

 Q4: I have learnt so many things

Task E: 

____________________       Michele Bridges_______________ 12wk challenge includes

Weight lifting, extreme workouts

Eating healthy consistently.

The negative sign affects are normally obese people are used to eating junk and not exercising therefore this makes them be sick.

______________Miley Cyrus




Exercising workouts, eating right repeatedly

Sick, heart races, vomiting and extreme fevers


In conclusion, I have learnt so many great things on dangerous health fads. Health fads may help some people but there do come down sides. Companies have persuaded so many people by putting celebrity’s faces on a product and then people automatically think well their doing it I can.

A good stratidedgy to keep healthy is to keep exercising and eating healthy long term, so there would be a day were you exercise and then another day where you eat really healthy but you aren’t cutting of all your sugar you can still have  sugar but as long as you have little portions.