Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. Christmas is a well known hoilday which is celebrated by many. Families and friends come together to exchange gifts and help spread joy arround. 


Working in groups of three, create a PowerPoint on showing the history of Christmas.


Firstly they would be divided into group of threes. After being placed in groups, they would have a discussion about the topic and conduct research. This would then be followed by the students accessing the PowerPoint software to create the powerpoint. After creating their powerpoint presentation, they would now present it to the class. 


The student will be evaluated by doing a presentation. 


After presenting, feedback will be given to the children and questions will be asked. 


This presentation would worth ten marks. 

Teacher Page

Notes such as: Did each group met all the requirement when presenting?

Did they explain the topic fully?

Was sufficient amount of creativity shown in the PowerPoint?