Christmas Destinations


What are your plans for this year's Christmas?

What is your most memorable Christmas?

Watch this video about a popular Christmas destination.

Would you like to go there and why?

What is your dream Christmas destination?


Your school is planning a vacation for this year's Christmas holidays. You and your partner have been assigned to find and propose the place. Browse the Web to find the best Christmas destination. Your report is going to be uploaded on the school website.

  • Click on the following links and find information about popular Christmas destinations:




  • Keep notes.


  • Choose a destination and browse the Internet to find more information about it.


  • Write a paragraph (150-200 words) describing the destination and why do you think it is the best option.



  • Present your choice in class.



Your presentation will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10, based on the justification of your choice and the proper use of language.



Congratulations! You managed find the best destination for your school to visit this Christmas! Now you know how to use and search the Web to find information you need!