Christmas in India


Compared to other religious festivals, Christmas is quite a small festival in India. It is celebrated mostly in Goa (a small state on the west of India) and Kerala (a state in South India).

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On Christmas Eve people have dinner together. Some typical Christmas sweets are Christmas fruit cake and rose cookies.

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People also give and receive presents.

Christmas Stars

Most people decorate their houses with paper lanterns in the shape of stars.

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During Christmas season stationery shops are full of star lanterns. Some families also have a nativity scene with clay figures in it. A nativity scene is also called a 'crib'.

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Many schools have Christmas functions for parents and grandparents. Students sing carols and perform the Christmas story.

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25th of December is a Public Holiday; so Indian children don’t go to school.


1) Write the following words on your notebook using the appropriate indefinite article a / an 


a    tree

a    clock

..... rose cookie

..... paper lantern

..... sheep

..... nativity scene

..... church

..... piece of fruit cake

..... function

..... angel

2) Find them in the pictures. Say the picture and the quantity of items:


There are four trees in picture three.

There is a clock in picture six.


3) How do you celebrate Christmas? Compare your Christmas with India.