Christmas Traditions


Imagine you are spending Christmas holidays in Denmark. You all come from different countries. 

The countries you can choose between are Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Jamaica, Norway, Sweden or USA.

While you are in Denmark, you will have to tell the other nations about your nations Christmas traditions.


The purpose of this assignment is that you gain an overview on the different Christmas traditions in the different countries.

Besides that, you will be formulating questions on Christmas traditions in your chosen county that you want answers to.

In this assignment you are going to use a lot of Christmas words and read some texts about Christmas traditions.


In this assignment you work in groups on 2-3 students. 
The assignment is divided into 3 tasks.

First you are to form some questions about Christmas in your nation that you want answers to. When the questions are formed, they need to be approved by the teacher before you proceed.

Second you will read the links and find information to answer your questions and learn about the traditions in this particular country.

Third you are going to present your chosen nations Christmas traditions, to the other nations and listen to the other nations present their traditions to you.



This link you can use to get information on the different nations: 

And these links are for your specific nations:










In the end you will be having a small conference where you contribute with your knowledge of your country’s Christmas traditions. Besides that, you will have to listen and ask wondering questions to the other nations Christmas traditions.

At the end the you will be evaluating each other. The things you should be looking for is the oral presentation and the written questions. You will be evaluating in these 4 scales: Excellent, good, less good and bad. You will have to comment on the given evaluation.


If you have any questions or feedback you can write to: