Christmas traditions in England


Hello, children! Do you know what the holiday will be soon? New Year. Right, but there is another holiday that is celebrated the 25-th of December in England - Christmas. I got a letter from Santa Claus. He asks you to help him complete tasks. For each task, you will receive some Christmas symbols. At the end of the lesson, you will make a postcard and give it to your family or friends.

Ready? Let's go to the Christmas Fairy tale and complete all the tasks of Santa.



Students create a presentation in groups and look for pictures for new words. Then they watch a video and learn how to pronounce new words, and then each team shows their presentation.

Next, the children take a quiz on the platform Kahoot!, where they choose the correct answer from the four suggested ones.

The third task is a mobile game that children perform in pairs.

After completing each task, students receive several elements of a Christmas card. At the end of the lesson, the children make a card from the assembled parts and listen to a Christmas carol.


1. Let's get started. First, we'll split into two teams. Each team needs to open the Power Point (the orange icon on the desktop). I'll give you a list of words on the topic "Christmas". (See the list of words in the Credits). Your task is to find pictures of these words on the Internet and insert them into the presentation (one picture per slide). You also need to sign the pictures. (the teacher shows an example of such work on the board).

2. Now let's watch the video and check if you completed the task correctly. (The teacher says the words to the students several times during the video.) Then you will show the presentations to the class and name all your words. 

3. Now we will check how you remember the new words. Go to the Kahoot! in your smartphone. Connect to the test. (See the list of questions in the Credits). Your task is to choose one correct answer from four words. (The teacher displays the tasks on the board).

4. You're almost there! It remains to complete the last task. (The teacher lays out cards with images of new words on the floor and divides the children into pairs, the children can stay in pairs with a neighbor on the desk). Your task is to go through the necessary cards to get the last part of the card. (The teacher calls one student and shows them how to complete the task: I will name three words, and you will go through the necessary cards. For example, a sleigh, a bell, a candle).

5. Congratulations! You have collected all the pieces for your Christmas card. Now we will make it and sign it. (the teacher shows a sample signature on the blackboard): Merry Christmas! I wish you happiness, health, good luck, and love. Your... 

6. While you're making your Christmas cards, I'll play you a carol, and you can sing together. 


  Presentation Kahoot! "Find the Way" game Postcard
What tasks do you like?        
What task was difficult for you?        
What task was interesting for you?        
What task do you want to do again?        

The teacher gives this table to each student. Students put pluses and fill in the table (there may be several pluses).


Today we learned a lot of new words on the topic of "Christmas" and studied the traditions of Christmas in England. You have completed all the tasks of Santa Claus and created your own Christmas card. Give it to your family or friends.

In order for you to create a festive atmosphere in your home I suggest you listen some songs. I hope these materials will be useful for you.

You did a great job today! 


1. List of words:

1 team: Santa Claus, sleigh, bell, carol, wreath, Christmas tree, reindeer, Christmas. 2 team: snowman, chimney, Christmas stocking, candle, candy cane, ornaments, present, Christmas. 



4. List of questions:

а) This is an old man with a white beard who brings presents to children at Christmas. (Santa Claus)

b) This is where Santa Claus puts presents. (Cristmas stocking)

c) Snow sculpture that children make on the street in winter. (Snowman)

d) Sweet caramel red and white color. (Candy cane)

e) The thing that rings. (Bell)

f) Transport used by Santa Claus. (Sleigh)

g) Animals that carry Santa Claus across the sky. (Reindeer)

h) Christmas song. (Carol)

i) Small fire. (Candle)

j) A wicker circle of flowers, leaves, and branches. (Wreath)

k) Christmas Tree Decorations. (Ornaments)




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