Christmas WebQuest


Christmas is generally celebrated on Christmas Day, the 25th of December. Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

In this WebQuest, we will learn vocabulary connected with Christmas, learn about typical Christmas things, presents, Christmas dinner and what people do on Christmas Day. The WebQuest finishes with a quick quiz to help students remember what they learned.

Let's get into the Christmas atmosphere. First, let's watch a video and sing a familiar song.



You need to work in teams of three people. Look for some information about Christmas customs and traditions of other countries such as England, France, Norway, Germany, the USA, Spain, Italy. You can choose any country you like.

You might want to visit the following websites:

Take the information you find interesting, find some related Christmas pictures and create 2-3 slides in our Google Presentation. Make sure that countries do not repeat.


1) Visit the websites and look up the information about how Christmas is celebrated in various countries. You can look for information on other websites too!

2) Open the Google Presentation. You will see a slide with Russian customs and traditions. Use it as an example. Now create 3 slides (one slide per team member) about the Christmas traditions of your chosen country. Find information and pictures you like and include them in your part of our presentation.

4) Now it's time to think about your report. You can type it on the computer or present it using PowerPoint.  Remember, you will be presenting your project orally, to your class.



Satisfying 1

Good 2

Very good 3

Excellent 4

Results of internet search (max. 4 points)

Students did not find the right info or mindlessly copied everything from the websites used.

Students found information but did not choose critically what to write. There was a lack of pictures.

Students found the right info (text and pictures).

Students found very detailed info (text and pictures).

Use of language (max. 4 points)

Students copied the information they found without using the authentic language of their own.

Students made simple sentences to present their findings with mistakes that interfered with meaning.

Students made more complex sentences with a few mistakes which did not interfere with meaning.

Students made complex sentences with minor mistakes which did not interfere with meaning.

Oral presentation (max. 4 points)

The student does not seem prepared to present. Often mumbles or can not be understood OR mispronounces more than one word.

The student is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that it wasn't enough. Speaks clearly and distinctly most ( 94-85%) of the time. Mispronounces no more than one word.

The student seems pretty prepared but not ideally. Speaks clearly and distinctly all (100-95%) the time, but mispronounces one word.

The student is completely prepared. Speaks clearly and distinctly all (100-95%) the time, and mispronounces no words.


In this WebQuest, you present your findings of Christmas celebration around the world and the information gathered is to be presented in class.


Created by Romanchuk Vladislav.