Circular Letter


In this webquest students will familiarise themselves with definition, importance and advantages of circular letters.



Students work in groups to find out information about circular letters. Research is focused on:
-    definition of circular letter
-    importance of the letter
-    kinds of circular letter
-    features of the letter
-    objectives of circular letter
-    examples/samples



PROCESS (Step 1): 


After gathering information, students will be able to answer these questions about circular letters:


1.    What is a circular letter?
2.    What is it used for?
3.    Who is it used by?
4.    What are the advantages of circular letters?

5.    What makes circular letters important for business?

6.    What types of circular letters are there?
7.    What are the most important features of circular letter?

8.    What are the objectives of circular letters?
9.    Which business information are usually circulated by the letter?
10.    Which increasing demands for the products are circulated?
11.    What personal and social objectives are circulated by the letter?

Now, the students have learned all about the importance, objectives and features of a circular letter. They are almost ready to write their own letter!


PROCESS (Step 2): 


In the step 2 of the procedure students will find examples of different circular letters and study them.


After students had had a chance to study some circular letters samples, they are ready to write their own letter!
Students are devided into three groups. They write three letters following the prompts:


LETTER 1 (group A):

Write a circular letter to inform your customers of your new company address. Include the following points:
 • you will move on the 1st of next month;
 • telephone, fax numbers and email addresses will not change;
• the move is due to the expansion of the company;
• apologise for any disruption to business during the move.


LETTER 2 (group B):

Write a circular letter to inform your customers of a new outlet you are opening soon. Give them the following information:
• where the outlet is located;
• the opening date and times;
• the special offer or promotion reserved for them on that date.


LETTER 3 (group C):

Write a circular letter informing your business partners and clients about a renovation that your hotel has undergone recently. Include the following details:
•    information about the renovation
•    rooms and the location of the hotel
•    facilities and services
•    details about tours and trips
•    rates













Completed Tourism products on the market II

worksheet not filled out. 

Worksheet filled out. Lacking correct information and appropriate responses.

Worksheet filled out. Correct answers but lacking descriptions that show knowledge has been gained.

Worksheet filled out with correct answers and appropriate responses that demonstrate that knowledge has been gained.



This webquest was created by a team of teachers, within the co-funded Erasmus plus KA2  partnership “English for hospitality” (EN4HOSTS), project number: 2017-1-RO01-KA201-037159, KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices ,KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education


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