Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice


The book "Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice"  introduces the era of the Civil Rights movement. In this novel we will learn about events and places that contributed to the Civil Rights Movement. Today we will focus on four things that will help better understand what the movement was and who help contribute in the era. 

1. Who is Claudette Colvin?

2. What was the Montgomery bus boycott?

3. Martin Luther King's Principle of nonviolence 

4. How did people fight for equal rights in the Civil rights era 



I will divide students into a group of four. In each group students will use resources to answer the following questions. 

Group One: Claudette Colvin.

Group Two: Montgomery Bus Boycott 

Group Three: Martin Luther Kings nonviolence 

Group Four: Fight for equal rights 



Group One: Claudette Colvin.

1. Use the following websites:

2. Create a goggle docs and explain who she was and how she contributed to the Civil Rights movement.


Group Two: Montgomery Bus Boycott 

1. Use the following websites:

2. Make a power point of the events of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and connect it to a theme in the novel. 


Group Three: Martin Luther King 

1. Use the link for his speech and his nonviolent beliefs

2. In a word document, explain how Martin Luther King communicate the central idea of his speech. Use the video for reference. 


Group Four: Fight for Equal Rights 

1.Use the websites:,discriminatory%20employment%20and%20housing%20practices.

2. Students will create a chart in google docs on how African Americans fought for equal rights. 

3. In the google doc, connect your chart to a theme in the novel. 




Each group will be evaluated on their presentations. 

Rubric will be provided. 


Students knowledge of the Civil Rights movement should be borden. Students can connect the events to the overall theme and central idea of the book. When students start on the novel, students can use their prior knowledge and things they have learned to better understand the novel and the events that taken place. 


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