Climate Change


What is Climate?

Climate is the long-term pattern of weather in a particular area. This can include rainfall, temperature, snow or any other weather condition. It is not to be confused with weather as weather is short-term, usually a period of days, while climate is over a period of years.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a long-term shift in global or regional climate patterns. Often climate change refers specifically to the rise in global temperatures.

Factors which Contribute to Climate Change:

  • Greenhouse gases: Earth’s greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and warm the planet. One example is carbon dioxide.
  • Deforestation: Deforestation is the removal of forests for lumber or to use the land where the trees stood for various purposes.
  • Burning fossil fuels: Fossil fuels are made from decomposing plants and animals. When fossil fuels are burned, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. Some examples are coal and petroleum.

Effects of Climate Change:

  • Global warming: Global warming is the long-term heating of Earth's surface due to human activities.
  • Increased droughts: Drought is a prolonged dry period within a region.
  • Rising oceans: Sea level rise is an increase in the level of the world's oceans due to increased temperatures.

Below is a list of causes and effects of climate change, as well as a table with the headings 'causes' and 'effects'. Place each word or term under the correct heading on the table provided. After placing the provided words under the correct heading, provide additional possible causes and effects under each heading to complete the table.

  • Increased droughts
  • Deforestation
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Rising oceans
  • Burning fossil fuels
  • Global warming
Causes Effects












  1. What is the climate?
  2. What is the difference between weather and climate?
  3. What is climate change?
  4. What are some possible causes of climate change?
  5. What are some possible effects of climate change?



The government is running a campaign in order to reduce the impacts of climate change. Write one paragraph providing a possible solution to climate change. 


200 health journals call separation of climate, biodiversity crises  'dangerous mistake'

Climate change is the long-term shift in the earth's weather patterns. This is often focused on the increase in temperatures globally. Some possible causes include greenhouse gases, deforestation and burning of fossil fuels. On the other hand, possible effects include sea levels rising, droughts and global warming. Climate change affects us in our daily lives.


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