Climate Change


Nowadays Climate Change is a present term, which occurs everywhere (TV, Newspaper, SocialMedia etc.). But what exactly is climate change?


First Task:

Inform yourself about the issue, using the provided links.(Afterwards, you can also search for your own credible sources, if you want to learn more.)

Second Task:

Now, that you have read about what causes Climate Change and what it affects, read about possible solutions to prevent Climate Change and write them down.

Third Task:

Brainstorm ideas how you and your peers can prevent Climate Change in class and at home! Write your ideas down and afterwards discuss them in small groups. At the end of your discussion, you and your group should create a poster with actionable and effective ideas.

Fourth Task:

Present your solutions in front of the other groups and discuss how effective and actionable they are and ideally apply some ideas to your private and scholastic life.



Check out the following sites for the information outlined in your tasks.


  4 3 2 1 SCORE
Completed Tasks Everything completed thoroughly Everything completed with minimal information Not every task is completed None to few tasks are completed  
Level of thought High level of critical thinking was used Critical thinking was used for most tasks Answers are mainly fact driven - no to less creativity No critical thinking was used  
Research research went beyond the links given given websites were used some of the websites were used only a few to none websites were used  
Quality of work answers are precise, clear and creative; well written few errors were noted but still clear and creative many errors were noted/less to no creativity was used work was full of errors; no creativity  
TOTAL SCORE          



Now that you have explored the issue of Climate Change you should have gained knowledge that can bring a better and brighter future.

Make use of it!


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Teacher Page

Focus of the lesson: Raise students' awareness for Climate Change and solutions for it.