Climate Change and the Infograph Attack


Scientists Needed Now!!!!

Have you heard the latest news? Our planet is under threat from an invasion and it your job to save the future of humanity. You might have heard about this threat before. You have most likely seen its effects, which may come in the form of extremely hot days, smoke and ash in the air, extreme storms and unpredictable weather patterns. This invasion is called climate change and it your job to persuade our school and community to help fight this invasion using science as our first weapon of choice.

It is your job to use science data, media and your creativity to help stop this invasion. You will collect data and create an infograph to inform and persuade our school and community about this threat and offer concrete solutions to help solve this problem. After this webquest you will have a short evaluation. Have fun and lets get started. 

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Task 1- Take the following quiz to test your prior knowledge of climate change.

Task 2- Watch the NASA RIGHT NOW Promo Video and complete the summary in your Webquest Virtual Notebook.

Essential Question: How have humans contributed to the crisis of climate change, and what are 4 practical solutions that high school students can do to help stop this problem. 

Task 3- Click on and take notes in your Webquest Virtual Notebook under the graphic organizer section, for your groups assigned section.  Each group will share out their findings with the class.


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Step 1: Students will collect data from the following websites and decide how to display and analyze their data. The first data collection website on climate change will be Browse this site and find the most essential data that you can utilize to persuade the students and local community of this existential threat to humanity. 

Step 2: Use this data to create your own Google graphs using Google Sheets. You will need to create at least 3 original graphs. Be sure to reference your work.

Step 3: Use all the information you have collected to create an original Infograph on the topic of climate change. You will explain the problem in an interesting and creative way using your collected data and research and create a list of 5 ways students can help solve the issue of climate change in their lives. See the Climate Change Infograph rubric for details. 

 You could use a free site like ,or choose your own site to create your Infograph.


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Congratulations on taking the first step in saving humanity from the invasion of climate change. There are still significant challenges to solve this problem, so lets share our information and educate our school and community.

Option 1: Present your infograph to the class in a 3 minute speech or webcastomatic.

Option 2: Share out your infograph on social media and create a story around this topic and get friends to comment and act on the solutions you researched.

Option 3: Extra Credit: Create a proposal for our school administrators to fight the threat of climate change using specific policy changes that can be implemented like food waste reduction, vegetarian Mondays,  bike/walking incentives, etc....

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Teacher Page

This webquest challenge was designed for students to understand the science and significance of climate change.It was also intended for students to be empowered with knowledge and scientific data on these topics, with the goal of educating their peers.It was also intended for students to  make meaningful personal and community changes in behavior and attitudes towards climate change. The standards utilized were: ESS3.C Human Impacts on Earths Systems and ESS4.C Global Climate Change. I hope you enjoyed this challenging and rewarding webquest. Thanks again for helping make the world a better place to live in.