Color is everywhere!


Everywhere you look, there is color. Artists use color to fabricate a certain look or feel. This WebQuest was designed to help you understand the color wheel, and how moods and emotions correlate with certain colors. 

Colored Pencils Close Up by Lothar Meyer [1920x1200]




Upon completing this WebQuest, students will be able to identify the primary colors, the secondary colors, how those colors are created, and the psychological effects that colors have on people.  Students will work in groups of four to complete a color wheel worksheet. After the worksheet is completed, each group will be assigned a color. Then each group will present their color to the class.

Full of color drawing by Katy Lipscomb, 2014



1) Learn about the history of color.…


2) Examine the color wheel.


3) Watch a video about how color effects people's moods and emotions.


4) Watch a video about the color wheel.


5) As a group, students should complete the worksheet that was handed out in class.

6) After completing all the above work, students should begin working with their group on the color presentation. Students will create a 16x20 canvas that pertains to their assigned color. There should be at least three images on the canvas that relate to the color. Images should be painted or drawn onto the canvas. There should also be at least four facts about the color itself. For example, is it a primary or secondary color, what mood is associated with the color, etc.) Then students will present their completed canvases to the class. 

This is how your work will be evaluated


Beginning 1 Qualified 2 Exemplary 3
Content Information is incorrect. Little understanding of content is evident from presentation.  Some solid information presented; however, some information is incorrect.  Information is well presented, clear and correct throughout entire presentation
Graphics Images are not relevant to the topic. Images are mostly relevant to the topic.  Images are relevant and the number of images is correct.
Canvas Design No attention paid to variation in design. Canvas is mostly empty.  Canvas contains well-placed images with thoughtful balance.  Images are well placed and sized. Canvas isn't empty. Creative and imaginative. 




You now have an understanding of color and how it effects us in everyday life. You should also be able to use this new knowledge to create beautiful and colorful masterpieces!

Teacher Page

The goal of this WebQuest is to teach students about the importance of color and how it effects everyone. Color is everywhere, why not learn about it? This is an excellent way to teach students about colors and have fun while doing it! The time frame for this project may vary, but it generally should only take 4-5 days. Enjoy!