Come to My Colony!


Hello, colonists! I hope you've enjoyed your last six months here in the colonies. There's still a lot of work to be done to get this land to where you want it to be, but if you can convince some of your family members to join you here and help you, it'll be less work on you.

Take a look around and explore what your region of the colonies has to offer people that might persuade them into moving here to join you. Let's get started!


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Now that you know where you have been living the past six months, it's time for you to write back to your family you left behind in England to convince them to join you here.

Your task is to persuade your family to come and settle in your region of the colonies by creating a brochure that highlights all the best parts of your region. It's also best to include a bit of the negatives, so they are aware of what they are getting themselves into. Each student will be researching a different region, so it won't do you any good asking them about their colony. Be sure to do as much research using the resources provided so that you can convince your family to move over to your region of the colonies to live with you. Don't forget to have fun!

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~Part 1: Research~

The first step is to research your region of the colonies. To keep yourself organized, please fill out the brochure brainstorming section of your worksheet completely during this time. Read through it carefully and ask any questions you may have while completing it. Find the section that matches with the name of your region of the colonies below. You will find two links to articles with information and one link to a video. The video is a bit lengthy, but you don't need to be watching the whole thing for this assignment. Also, it is important to note that you need to use two different sources for your three facts. You are given three different sources for your region, so you do not have to use one of them. 

(If you would like to re-watch the video we watched together as a class, here is the link to that video:

New England Colonies:

Middle Colonies:

Southern Colonies:

~Part 2: Check-in~

Before moving on, have the teacher check your brochure brainstorming worksheet to make sure you are all set for part three. Once you get the all clear, move on to part three.

~Part 3: Brochure~

Go to the following link and complete each section to the best of your ability using the information from your brochure brainstorming worksheet. Also, please look at your self-assessment rubric under the "evaluation" section as this will tell you all the elements that need to be on your brochure.









Create a clear argument as to which region of the colonies other people should move to.

Argument may be present but is not clear as to which region of the colonies the brochure is about.

Argument is stated and clearly mentions which region of the colonies their family should move to.

Argument is stated and clearly mentions which colony and region their family should move to.

Use online articles about their assigned regions of the colonies to pull 3 different facts from, using at least 2 different sources given to support their claim.

There are less than 3 facts present on the brochure.

Three facts are present on the brochure.

Four or more facts are present on the brochure.

Write a concluding statement that ties all the information together.

Concluding statement lacking or, if present, does not tie all information together.

Concluding statement is present and ties everything together.

Concluding statement is present and ties all information together. It also provides ideas for further research.

Translate all the information onto an online brochure to present to their peers and to persuade them to move to their region of the colonies.

All the information is on the worksheet, but the student did not create a brochure.

All the information from the worksheet is on the brochure.

All the information from the worksheet is on the brochure; student created podcast/voiced the information from their brochure.


Thank you for making those brochures! I'll send those off today, and I hope they are enough to convince your family to be here soon. 'Till next time!

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