Commander in Chief Questions:


1. Who was president during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

2. What was the fear (during this time) and why did the President go on air to warn the American people?

3. How did the US find out about the non-descript images on the island of Cuba?

4. Explain EXCOM.

5. What was the military's response- what do they want the president to do?

6. Krushnev was Premier of the USSR at this time- how did he get those ballistic missiles to Cuba?

7. What was the fear of the specific 2200 mile range?

8. What was the President leaning towards-instead of hard military action- causing his generals extreme frustration.

9. Where did the military send the bulk of their forces (which state).

10. What happened to the U-2 plane we flew over Cuba?

11. Why did the Soviets back-down from Cuba?


Osama bin Laden:

1. What tipped off the CIA analyst that the house in Pakistan wasn't what it seemed?

2. Who did they use to try and get into the Compound where they believed bin Laden was? (It wasn't successful)

3. What was one of the options McRaven laid out for the President (besides what was actually decided on) (there were 4)

4. What did Pres Obama insist on if they were going to complete the raid? (This as backup)

5. What was the Red Team's conclusion about bin Laden actually being in Pakistan?

6. What event did Obama have to attend on the same day as the raid?

7. The helicopters used in the raid were invisible to Pakistan intelligence... how?

8. How did the Pakistan military react when they found out the raid was taking place?

9. Who did Obama call first after the raid was completed?

10. Which SEAL Team completed the raid?