The Commonwealth Games


Now that we already know what the Commonwealth is, we're going to learn something about the Commonwealth Games...

The Commonwealth Games are an international multi-sport event that takes place every four years involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. 

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How many teams participate in the Commonweath Games?

Which six countries have attended every Commonwealth Game?

Which sports are played?

Where were the last Commonwealth Games held?

What was the motto?

How many athletes took part?

Who won the most medals?

Who came second?

Who came third?

Where are the next Commonwealth games going to take part?



In pairs, read the following websites and answer the questions in your notebooks.

Then, individually, write what you know about one of the sports that are played in approximately 100 words. 


The questions will be marked in class and the writing will be returned next week. In the writing we will take into account:

- Grammar 

- Vocabulary

- General understanding

- Organisation