Communication styles: What's yours?


Today we are going to go on a journey to learn about three different communication styles!

Do you know which style you use most?

Did you know that your face and body can communicate to others with out saying a word?

Did you know that your style plays an important role when trying to get a job?



Through this journey, students will able to:

Identify the three different communication styles.

Explain the characteristics of each style.

Identify the best style to use at school and/or work.

Identify their personal communication style they use the most.




Aggressive: A style in which individuals express their feelings, opinions, and needs in a way that violates the rights of others. (Pushy)

Assertive: A style in which individuals express their wants, needs, feeling, opinions in a way that is clear and respectable to others

Passive: A style in which the individual accepts and allows what happens or what others do to them with out a response of resistance.



Which style do you see in yourself? 

Lots of time there is miscommunication. How do you usually handle it?








Identify the three communication styles      
Describe the characteristics of each style      
Identify personal communication style      



This was an amazing journey!

You learned about the four different types of communication styles!

You are going to change the world with your ASSERTIVENESS!

As always, be kind to everyone!


I would like to thank all my students for participating with me on this journey! I would like to thank for making it easy for me to develop my very own class WebQuest! 

Thank you guys so much! Ms. Lacey owes you a pizza party!

Teacher Page

When preparing this lesson, I thought learning about the different types of communication styles would be an engaging discovery topic for my class.  This topic and it has a wealth resources with reliable information.  I am hoping it encourages some of my students to be less aggressive while some more assertive.


This lesson will allow students to work individually and to interact and ask questions with their peers. The lesson is fun and the students are learning and gaining knowledge of their own communication style. This lesson will accomplish creativity, understanding, critical thinking and engagement.