Hello my dear students, today you are going to go on a quest to help your classmates understand the topic Comparative and Superlative. It is your job to ensure understanding of grammar and how can you use. You will research information about Comparative and Superlative form, and create a presentation to share with the class.


Each group is expected to research the form and the structure when we use comparative and superlative, and be able to present about:

Which is structure of comparative and superlative.

Why are important 

Adjective of one syllable.

Adjective of three or more syllables.

Give major characteristics oh them.

you will need to plan, research, and present information.


1.You will make a groups maximum of three person.

2.Next, in your computer you will watch a video that it contains information about of comparative and superlative.

You can find it the following links.

3. You should read the next information about of comparative and superlative 

when  you have finished you should result the questionary that you will find to ending of page.

4. you have to develop this activities and after you will play.





Please chek in the rubric  the criteria for evaluation.

in the following link



The idea of working on thid topic is because we've seen that many students (mainly begginers) have so many problems when using comparatives and superlatives so the idea is that you keep in mind that comparatives are daily used and it is important for you to know how and when to use them.

Be careful when you use them we know that at the beginning is not that easy but practice them as much you can or want.