comparative and superlative



Through this webquest you're going to study the grammar of comparatives and superlatives. 

First you'll revise the grammar of comparatives and superlatives through some clips and theoretical exercises. Secondly you'll have to do some practical reproduction exercises to practice the form and use of comparatives and superlatives. At the end of the webquest you'll have to write a short text using the grammar you've studied. You'll be graded on this last part. 

Good luck!

  • First practice the theory of the comparative and superlative via this bookwidget.
  • Secondly practice the studied theory through some mixed exercises via this bookwidget

To finish, you should use the taught material in a writing exercise to demonstrate that you have mastered the section. 

You complete the writing exercise via this link.

Your writing exercise will be assessed according to the following points: 


  • I wrote 6 full sentences.
  • I used 3 comparatives and underlined them.
  • I used 3 superlatives italicised them.

0 – 1 – 2 – 3 


  • I used the comparative and superlative correctly.
  • I wrote grammatically correct sentences using the correct word order.
  • I wrote full sentences.

0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5


  • I spelled my words correctly. 
  • I used the correct vocabulary.
  • I used capitals and punctuation. 

0 – 1 – 2


  • I delivered the assignment in time.

0 – 1