Composition: Diary Entry Writing



This session helps students to build knowledge on writing a proper Diary Entry.

  • In your diary, you need to:

  1. Follow the format

  2. Write with the suitable tenses

  3. Include your feelings today

  4. Give details about what happened

  5. Write what you learnt and end the diary with a conclusion or expectation



  • Today, you had a birthday dinner with your best friends in a restaurant. Unfortunately. you found an insect in one of the dishes. Write a diary entry in 120-150 words about the incident.

  • Remember to:

  1. Write in a diary format

  2. Write legibly

  3. Skip lines

  4.  Write within the word limit

  5. Give a title to your writing

  6. Build up paragraphs

  • Here are some materials to help write a standardized diary entry:

        some text

  1. Use Past tense to describe past events
  2. Use Present tense to describe the writer's current feelings
  3. Use Future tense to describe future events and expectations.
  • Build up paragraphs

  1. An introductory paragraph to give the readers a brief understanding of what you are going to tell

  2. A body paragraph to describe the incident

  3. A conclusion paragraph to summarise the things you learned after the incident.


Rubrics for marking will be broken down into 4 sections: 

  1. Organisation: ________/10

  2. Content:         ________/50

  3. Grammar:      ________/30

  4. Format:         ________/10


This task is to help students to acquire basic writing skills for different genres of writing. Also, it helps students to master the usage of different tenses and builds up the word bank of the students. 


- teacher's own material