Computer Application Technology


Today's lesson will be based on hardware. I will briefly explain what is hardware and what are hardware components, inputs, outputs and storage.


Everything You Need to Know About Computer Hardware

  1. What is input and output?
  2. What is storage device and what is storage media?
  3. Identify hardware components.
  4. What is the difference between input and output?
  5. Mention input, output and storage device.


  1. 1 Hardware
  • Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer that you can touch.
  • Basic hardware components that should be present for a personal computer to work are a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a system unit.
  • Optional components include a CD or DVD drive, speakers, a scanner and a printer.
  • Hardware configuration is the term used to describe the combination of hardware components in a computer system.
  1. 2 Input
  • Input is data or instructions entered into the computer. Providing input is the first step of getting a computer to do anything.
  • Input can be in the form of text, numbers, static or video images, or sound.
  1. 3 Output
  • Output is data or instructions that the computer produces after processing input.
  • Output can be in the form of either hardcopy or softcopy.
  • Softcopy is text or graphics displayed in an electronic format, usually on the monitor.
  • Hardcopy is text or graphics printed out on paper.
  1. 4 Storage
  • A storage device is any device that offers permanent storage of data. It is important that data can be written to and retrieved from the storage device.
  • Storage media are used to save data and/or information for later use.
  • Storage space is measured in bytes or, more commonly, in multiples of bytes, such as megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB).

Memorandum, rubric and mark allocation.

  1. Question 1 (4) marks
  2. Question 2 (4) marks
  3. Question 3 (6) marks
  4. Question 4 (4) marks
  5. Question 5 (6) marks
  • I will samarize the key points and certian parts of the topic that they didn't understand. 
  • I will  ask questions based on what I taught  during the lesson to recap.
  • Give an activity. 




Computers, part of your life 2nd edition grade 10, Sandra Jacobs, Reinet Barnard and Keith Gibson.

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