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You have just been hired as a computer technician at a computer consulting agency, which specializes in building wireless home networks. Your boss has requested that a team of 4 students come up with a design and implementation of a home network for a client. The network should be cost effective for the client and work correctly. The team is to create a workable wireless network, that will presented to client along with options and recommendations for connecting to the internet. It is recommended that you download Microsoft Visio 2002/2000 Viewer: Web Component by going to the Visio standard 2002 in the product search center. You may also find it useful to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 and the WinZip (evaluation version) to better enable access some of files and resources needed for this project.

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The Task

This is a hands on Lab, your network is expected to work at the end of the lab


It is your job to create a basic wireless computer network in the client’s home.  The wireless LAN will be configured with internet connection. The client has requested 3 computers for their home. Your team will also be required to suggest a possible ISP (Independent service provider) for the client to connect to the internet.  Note all computers must have internet connectivity. At the end of your task your team will generate a report with the following task based skill and you will use Microsoft word to produce your report.


The Process 

You will be teamed in groups of four.  This will be your Consulting Team whom must work together to make all decisions about the network.  Each person in the group will assume the role of one of the parties below:  Remember this is a group assignment. It cannot be completed if one person does not complete their role.  Also, a grade will be given individually for your role on the team.  For example, you will get one grade for the execution of your role (individual) and another grade for your group project.



Hardware Specialist  

This person should have knowledge of the most current technologies that will prepare a home for networking.  It is paramount for the student to have internet research skills, skills on how to purchase cost effective hardware, computer building and troubleshooting skills. 


Software Specialist

This person will be responsible for obtaining the current software for the project. This includes the operating system, drivers, and another software related material for the project.


Networking Specialist

This person is responsible for the networking side of the project and works closely with the  Software Specialist.  The Networking Specialist is also responsible for ensuring that the correct protocols are used to connect to the network.


Hardware Specialist and¨Software Specialist make sure the hardware and software work together to provided proper network connectivity.  These people are also responsible for installing the network interface cards.


Network Design Specialist

The coordinator assists in identifying clients needs; recommending purchases to the client, on installing, implementing, and maintaining the network; This person also makes sure that the project is on task and keeps a current journal that will be later used to create a written report at the end of the project






How do I get started creating a Wireless Home Network LAN?

*  Introduction to Wireless Home Network Basics


*  Ask the Home Network Advisor (if you are not sure or have a question)


*  Use Microsoft Visio to Design your wireless Home Network Using Visio


*  Wireless a Networking Devices


*  Connecting  to the internet


*Glossary of Computer Terms (just in case you forgot some of the terms)


*  Computer building basics    Operating system software






All students must hand in a one page written report on their project assignment.


What should it contain? This report is Specialist specific, and must include, the  task, roles, materials used, and steps taken used to complete your part of the project.  This will serve as your individual evaluation of the project.  The rest of the project will be graded as a group project upon completion of the presented task. The evaluation Rubric is presented below. 

































Hard Ware Specialist








Purchased the correct hardware for the project. Computer Monitor stayed with in budget








Did proper research on hardware. Used proper vendors and have correct licenses 








Set up hardware correctly configured systems, installed network cards properly and has system ready for software specialist 








All other steps completed. Informed software specialist of configuration with written journal on configuration, problems and other concerns












Software Specialist








Purchased the correct Software for the project. Operating system, Networking software stayed with in budget












Did proper research on Software. Used proper vendors and have correct licenses 








Set up software properly  correctly configured software, installed properly and is system ready for Networking specialist   




All other steps completed. Informed Networking specialist of configuration with written journal on configuration, problems and other concerns












Networking  Specialist  








Design the virtual network using MS Visio. Gathering information on groups network design to meet with client.








Coordinate meeting with team and provide team with a copy of the network design, have teams input in each specialty area.  Redo the design and prepare to meet with client.




Meet with client, get ok and implant the time table for the project meet with other specialist and coordinate the project, keep project on task and keep client informed of progress of the job.  Show client how network works provide client with trouble shooting and support number in case of problems








All other steps completed. Informed Network design specialist that the job is completed and the network is functionally properly, also point out and problems with network complete task before time or on time. Keep written journal of all reports. Keep client and other specialist informed on project. Complete project.  Make sure all documentation is in a safe place.





















By completing this web quest students will be able to build a Wireless Home Network, and connect several computers to the internet.  They will also learn a valuable trade that will go far beyond their high school experience.  Students will also learn research skills and higher thinking skills in the field of selective reasoning, and selective thinking.  Other important skills students will learn is the process of step-by-step instruction and producing a tangible product.



Credits are Due to the following:


CompTia A+

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Microsoft Corp.

Apple Corp.

Cisco Corp.

University of Buffalo

Moroe Academy for Business and Law

Computer Career Center

New Horizions Computer Prep

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Teacher Page

Teacher Introduction

Teacher Introduction

Today’s world revolves around Technology and networking technology.  Student are connected through the internet computers, cell phones, pagers videogames. 


This Web quest deals with Creating a wireless network This web quest will introduce your student to computer networking term and hands on experience with design, implementation, and troubleshooting a wireless network.   This Webquest will include the vocabulary that networking engineers use in real world situations.


Finally this Webquest provides lessons in lifelong learning experiences.  Students will use their skill in problem solving, critical thinking, and other critical skills they will need to use beyond high school.