Conductors and Insulators


Hi 8C guess what? You just got a job as an ELECTRICIAN! Your boss told you to install electrical wires in a house using conductors & insulators in the correct places so the flow of electrons will be high and steady.

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Your task is to prove to your boss that you know the difference between conductors and insulators. Are you up for the job?


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In order to show your boss you know the difference between conductors and insulators better than anyone ever before, you must complete a handout based on a virtual lab.

Step 1: click on the link below (ensure you enable adobe flash player)

Step 2: Build an OPEN circuit by putting the objects in the correct places and press OK.

Step 3: Take a screenshot of your open circuit

Step 4: Insert the red wire in the right spot and press the pickle. *DO NOT START TESTING THE OBJECTS YET*

Step 5: (Before you test the objects with the wires) Make predictions on the handout about which objects will be conductors and insulators.


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Step 6: Insert the objects into the empty space between the wires on the virtual lab and record in the table which objects are conductors and which objects are insulators.


Step 7: take a screenshot of your completed drag and drop activity

Step 8: put both of your screenshots into a word document or google doc. Under neath your screenshots write a definition in your own words of conductor and insulator with an example of each

Step 9: upload your word document to the google classroom submission point


Well, it looks like you did a great job and you proved to your boss you know the difference between conductors and insulators! You are officially an electrician, keep working hard!


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