Congratulating and Complimenting Others by Vera Vidi Hastuti


When someone is experiencing something pleasant, of course, we will give him congratulations and praise. Congratulations and compliments are very important to encourage others so that they will consistently maintain their achievements and improve their abilities. However, most of them only express it using the words "congratulations, good job, great" and as a response also mostly just "thanks, thank you" even though there are still many words and sentences that can be used to give and respond to expressions of congratulations and praise.


You will demonstrate daily conversations using expressions of congratulating and complimenting by making roleplays recorded on video. For the steps - the steps can be found in the "Process" section of this Quest web.


¤ make a group consist of 5 people
¤ create a conversational dialogue about giving and responding to expressions of congratulations and compliments
¤ After finishing making the dialogue, then demonstrate the dialogue with your group friends


To evaluate the results of your group project, you will be given an assessment in the form of points 1 - 5. adjusted for pronunciation, fluency, and expression skills.


Good Job! You have completed the step-by-step activities of learning about Congratulating and complimenting others, then create your own roleplay.