Conjunctions by Atara


This Web quest is about Conjunctions and their uses.

Students need to be familiar with how to use conjunctions to :(a) complete sentences; (b) create compound sentences.

Conjunctions are joining words that join words or group of words in a sentence. They also join two sentences together. They are different types of conjunctions.

For example, coordinating conjunctions, such as "and," or "for" connect independent clauses.

Subordinate conjunctions, like "although" connect an independent clause with a dependent clause.

Examples of conjunction are: and, but, or, nor, or, yet, to, after, although, and as.


Students will be able to:

Define the term 'conjunction'

List the types of conjunctions

Read examples of how conjunctions are used in sentences.

Complete sentences by inserting the most suitable conjunction.

Create compound sentences using the given conjunctions.





Step 1

Students will watch the video and compose your own definition for the term 'conjunction.'

Step 2

Students will click on the link, read the information given and identify the types of conjunctions.

Step 3

Students will click on the link, read the information given on examples of the types of conjunctions.

Step 4

Students will click on the link, read the sentences and complete the activities.


This web quest teaches students about conjunctions.

Conjunctions are used to join sentences together.

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the use of the topic by creating their own sentences using the conjunctions.

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Thank you.

Atara Newton