The Consequence of Using Drug


Using drug is a global issue. Nowadays, most of people are using drug especially, young people (boys and girls). Because of drug there are many issues in society, such as uncontrolled behavior and desolate behavior. It can also affect babies born to woman who use drugs while she pregnant. The negative outcome may be seen in education level, employment, relationships and criminal justice investment.  Many families are facing with many conflicts; parents are worried for their children and also the environment is not safe and so on...

The purposes of this WebQuest are to have knowledge about the consequence of using drug be able to educate other who are using drug and also educate to be able to decrease using drug trough future generation.

This WebQuest supposed to complete by first year integrated program in SAG (English level-upper intermediate). 


Developed byDal Suan Mung, Nang Hla Win Kyi, Htoi Ja, Lyue Chweye Meike, Kai Dein 


There must be 8 members in group and they have to produce a video clip which is for 7-10 minutes long and it must be about the consequences of using drug. The whole project is supposed to finish up in one month. The group members have to divide the five tasks; three members have to take journalist task, two members have to take part the creative task, all the members have to participle in retelling task and self-knowledge task, and one member have to take design task.

Types of task that learners must undertake:

  1. Journalist task
  2. Creative product task
  3. Retelling task
  4. Self-knowledge task and
  5. Design task


Journalist task; among the group, three members have to find some datas about the consequences of using drug from the given resources and give information or share to the group mates.       


Creative product task; among the group, two members have to create a story or plot. And they have to select the characters among the group members.


Retelling task; two members have to be narrators in the story/plot.


Self-knowledge task; all the members have to discover the consequences of using drug and be ready to educate other. 


Design task; one member have to be a video editor and also a designer for the whole project


Frist Meeting; on the first day, the group members have to divide the task what they take part and they have to finish their tasks during one week.


Second Meeting; after one week, sharing each of their information what they have learned and discuss to create the story/plot and finish up during eight days.


Third Meeting; after eight days, they have to start doing their video project. In this project they all have to participate and they have to finish it up during one week.


Fourth Meeting; after one week, they start editing the video and add some more if it is necessary. And finish it during 6 days.


This is the rubric or criteria that the project will be assessed.

Grading Rubric










 Objective 1. Organization of Ideas


-No relationship between introduction and conclusion.

-Main idea is difficult to find.

 -Introduction and conclusion are not much relevant to topic.

-Need for more supporting information.

-Has clear introduction and conclusion but some ideas are not really relevant to the topic.

-Has clear introduction and conclusion.

-Ideas are excellently relevant to topic.


Objective 2.


-Audience can't understand story/plot.

-Story/plot not logical and credible.

-Audience get confuse about the story/plot.

-almost all story/plot are not logical and credible.


-Audience can understand the story/plot.

-But some parts are not logical and credible.

-Excellent in acting.

-Get full attention from the audience.

-Plot is logical


Objective 3.

Background music

-Background music is quite complicated.

-not appropriate with story/plot.

-very loud or very low.

-Not very bad music but some parts are not appropriate with the story/plot.

-some parts are sounded at the wrong places.

-Well creative music.

-appropriate with the story/plot but some part are very loud or very law.

-well creativity music

-appropriate with the story/plot.

-well describe the events (feeling).   


Objective 4.

Speaking Skills

-not clear pronunciation.

-difficult to understand the sentence structures.

-low voice.


-Some parts are not clear pronunciation.

-poor grammar.

-weak use of gesture.

-Clear enough pronunciation.

-good used grammar.

-a little poor in use of gesture.


-Excellent pronunciation

-excellent grammar

-good use of gesture.



Write a reflection about the consequence of using drug (minimum -500 words).

  1. Your experiences of doing this project.
  2. What you learn from this project.
  3. How will you share other about these kinds of knowledge?

For Journalist Task

Health consequences of drug misuse/ National institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) https://www.drugabuse.gav>related-topics

Effects of Drug abuse and Drug addiction effects/ Gateway foundation Rehabs>eff

The impact of drug abuse and addiction on society>pubmed


For Creative Product Task

The top 10 video tools for creating short videos t at fans will love-Kim Garst>10- tools-for- creating short videos,

How to make a great intro video for your website IMPACT Branding and Design>blog>


Retelling Task

How to become a narrator Queensland Narrating Service>narrators>


Self-knowledge Task

Consequences of Addiction/ Effects of substance abuse-serenity of summit>cons

How drugs affect your body-Better Health channel>Ho 


Design Task

The top 10 video tools for creating short videos t at fans will love-Kim Garst>10- tools-for- creating short videos,

How to make a great intro video for your website IMPACT Branding and Design>blog>