The Constitution: Article 1


The Constitution: Article 1 

Instructions: Use the Heritage Guide to the Constitution to answer questions about the 1st article of the Constitution, which describes the powers of the Legislative Branch. 

Article 1 Section 1: 

1: Where is legislative power vested in the United States? 

Article 1 Section 2:

2: What are the qualifications to be a Representative in the House of Representatives?

3: What does the enumeration clause require?

Article 1 Section 3: 

4: What are the qualifications to be a Senator? 

Article 1 Section 4:

5: How are times, places, and manner of congressional elections decided?

Article 1 Section 5:

6: According to this source, what is a quorum?  

7: How may members of Congress be expelled?

Article 1 Section 6:

8: When are members of congress privileged from arrest? What are the exceptions?

Article 1 Section 7:

9: Where must bills raising revenue originate? Why?

Article 1 Section 8:

10: What monetary powers belong to Congress? 

11: What military powers belong to Congress?

12: What is the Necessary and Proper Clause?

Article 1 Section 9:

13: What is the Appropriations Clause?

14: What limitations are placed on members of the Federal government by the Emoluments Clause?

Article 1 Section 10: 

15: Which actions do States need Congressional Consent to take?