Contributions of Natural Resources to Society


Greetings, Resource Explorers! In this WebQuest, you will delve into the vital role of natural resources in shaping societies throughout history. Get ready to uncover the ways in which these resources have influenced and contributed to the development of human civilization.


Your mission is to create a multimedia presentation highlighting the significant contributions of natural resources to society. Choose a specific natural resource (e.g., water, minerals, forests) and showcase its historical and present-day impact on human development.


1. Research: Investigate the historical uses and contributions of the choosen natural resource. Explore its economic, cultural, and environmental significance.

2. Presentation Creation: Develop a multimedia presentation (slides, video, or infographic) that effectively communicates  the contributions of the selected natural resources.

3. Reflection: Write a brief reflection on the sustainability and responsible use of the chosen resource, considering its future impact on society.

Criteria Excellent (4) Good (3) Satisfactory (2) Needs Improvement (1)
Research Through exploration of the historical and present-day contributions of the chosen natural resource, with a comprehensive understanding. Good research with relevant details on contributions and impact. Adequate research, but with some gaps or lack of depth. Limited or inaccurate information.
Presentation Creation Engaging and well-crafted nmultimedia presentation that effectively communicates the significance of the shosen natural resource. Good presentation with clear communication and visual appeal. Adequate presentation, but improvements needed in clarity or engagement. Poorly presented, difficult to understand.
Reflection Insightful reflection on the sustainability and responsible use of the chosen natural resource, considering its futrure impact.

Thoughtful reflection with clear insights.

Adequate reflection, but lacking depth or clarity. Limited or unclear reflection.



Congratulations, Resource Explorers! Through this WebQuest, you've gained a deeper understanding of how natural resources have played a crucial role in shaping societies. Your insights contribute to our awareness of the importance of responsible resource management.

This exploration highlights the delicate balance between harnessing the benefits of natural resources and ensuring their sustainability for future generations. 

This WebQuest was crafted to foster an appreciation for the contributions of natural resources to society. Keep exploring and learning about the world around you!


-Online databases 

-Scientific journals and publications

-Historical documents and archieves