Coordinate Geometry


Coordinate Geometry is considered to be one of the most interesting concepts of mathematics. Coordinate Geometry describes the link between geometry and algebra through graphs involving curves and lines. It provides geometric aspects in Algebra and enables them to solve geometric problems. It is a part of geometry where the position of points on the plane is described using an ordered pair of numbers. Here, the concepts of coordinate geometry (also known as Cartesian geometry) are explained along with its formulas and their derivations.


In this WebQuest, you will be instructed to visit several sites on the Internet where you will observe Coordinate Geometry. The general objective of this WebQuest is to educate you in understanding the concepts of coordinate Geometry in reality. Which means by the end of this WebQuest you will be able to:1. Understand coordinate geometry and its roll in reality. 2. Understand the concepts of coordinate geometry in reality. 3. Appreciate coordinate geometry to reality. 4. Correctly calculate coordinate geometry. The resources that you will use to assist you to achieve this objective is a task oriented  real life group and individual activity.


Click links below under the headings to learn more:

Introduction to coordinate geometry

Slope Intercept Form y=mx+b

The intercepts

Jobs that require coordinate geometry concepts.


After completely viewing and understanding the information provided by these links, move to the evaluation page this is where phase 2 and three will take place.


In groups of (4) you and your group members will carry out the procedures of taking the coordinates of a building that you have used at one point in your life for example your house (your bank, school etc.) then use the coordinate concepts to calculate the mid-point and the gradient between 2 of these buildings. Individually you are required to briefly write a statement on the importance of coordinate geometry in reality no leas than 500 words, along with that you are required to write down two career parts and daily activities where the use of coordinate geometry concepts are used or can be used.

Category and Score Poor 0-3 Satisfactory 4-5 Very Good 6-7 Excellent 8-10 Marks awarded
Quality of information 0ne (1) to two (2) questions are not completed Some Questions are completed correctly with satisfactory information. All questions are completed correctly with information. All questions are completed correctly with Exemplary information.  
Demonstration of Knowledge Responses demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the project Responses demonstrates some understanding of the problem Responses demonstrates a substantial understanding of the problem, ideas, and processes Responses demonstrates a complete understanding of the questions, mathematical ideas and processes  
Calculation Major Math errors or serious flaws in reasoning Some serious Math errors or flaws in reasoning No major Math errors or flaws in reasoning No Math errors  
  One (1) individual pieces are submitted with group piece Two (2) individual pieces are completed correctly and submitted with group piece Three (3) individual pieces are completed correctly and submitted with group piece Three (3) individual pieces are completed correctly with Exemplary information and submitted with group piece.  
Total Marks          



You have come to the end of this webquest. Thank you for your participation. Your participation was much appreciated. Based on our objectives from this WebQuest write a reflection on whether you met these objectives Yes or No. If you are interested in more coordinate geometry activities click the following links



This WebQuest is guided by The National Standards Curriculum (NSC) Prepared by a Mathematics teacher with a Degree in Double Option Mathematics. The Specific grade that this WebQuest/lesson is for are grade ninth-students. Extended thank to publisher of any material image, video, text or audio that was used in completion of this WebQuest.


I must extent gratitude to my lecturer who stood by me even though i was working without an laptop she allowed me to strive without one and hence i was able to do this webquest on the phone. 

Teacher Page

This WebQuest is designed to educate a group of ninth- grade students on the importance of the coordinate geometry concepts in reality. The focus of this WebQuest was place on the concepts of coordinate geometry in relation to reality. To complete this WebQuest in an actual class room it would take approximately 3 hours. With the following in place good internet/WiFi service the availability of technology access to suitable building or object, Ruler, calculator, graph paper, sheet for calculation and writing tools.