The Cordillera Region!



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Isn't the view spectacular? Close your eyes and imagine being in this scene. What amazing sights can you see? What activities would you be doing? What animals are all around you?  You will be exploring one of the most exciting Canadian regions today - THE CORDILLERA! This region offers many different sights to see and a lot of history! Enjoy your quest! 


You will be exploring several websites to answer questions about the Cordillera region. Please make sure to read the questions carefully and answer the questions to the BEST of your ability! Have fun!


Task One: Watch the following story about the Haida Nation in British Columbia and answer the following questions in your Google Document

1. How long has the Haida Nation been in the Cordillera region (approximately)?

2. What happened between 1815-1900 that affected the population of the Haida people?

3. What is one traditional activity of the Haida people that you noticed in this video (either something the people were doing, or something the video talked about them doing)?

---------------------------------------------------------Answer Questions 1, 2, 3 before proceeding! --------------------------------------------------------------


Task Two: In the late 1800's, many Chinese immigrants were brought into this region to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. 


Part A:

Read the following article by clicking here

4. What was Chinese "Head Tax"?



Watch the following video. This video describes the harsh conditions many Chinese immigrants had to face when working on the railway. They were paid very little, only about $1.00 per day for VERY hard work. If dangerous jobs had to be done, they were usually given to the Chinese immigrant workers. 



5. What is your impression of the dangerous tasks being given to the Chinese workers? Was this fair to them?


-----------------------------------------------Please answer questions 4 and 5 before proceeding!----------------------------------------------------------------

Task Three: National Parks 

Watch the following video about Stanley Park in Vancouver and answer the questions below.

6. What is one interesting thing that you saw in Stanley Park while going on the Virtual tour? What caught your interest?


7. Why is it so important to preserve our National Parks? (In other words, why is it important that we don’t put buildings, homes and stores in the national park areas)?


----------------------------------------------Please answer questions 6 and 7 before proceeding!---------------------------------------------------------------


Thank you for completing your Webquest! I hope that you were able to discover many interesting facts about this region! Congratulations! You are finished! Your teacher will look through your work on the Google Document.