Corrosion And its Prevention


Imagine you are getting ready to got for a bike ride with your friends. As you finish putting on your helmet, you got to your bike, its then you notice that there is rust on the metal surface of the bike and worse still the metal around the wheel. What would you do cancel your plans or find a ways in which to prevent this from happening again? Corrosion is the rusting of metal, one of the many important types of chemical reactions that occur in non-living systems. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to explore this WebQuest to investigate what corrosion is and what the chemical reaction includes. You will explain and give examples of corrosion and research methods of preventing corrosion. 


The mission:Your task is to use the information and resources.Research and find out different ways corrosion can be prevented.


Gather information about what is corrosion, its types and causes, its advantages and disadvantages, and its Prevention.


In conclusion, upon completion of this web quest student will know what is corrosion and the processes involved in the corroding of iron metal. They will know what chemical reaction takes place in corrosion. They will have a greater understanding of why it is important to prevent corrosion and the various ways corrosion can be prevented.