Country of Connection HASS


We have an exciting research assignment for HASS.


We will be researching a country that we are connected to.

There can be many reasons that we are connected to other countries, some reasons are that:

We are born there.

We have relatives living there.

We have visited this country.

If not, you can choose Japan to prepare for LOTE next year.


We are doing this with the other year two classes. All year twos will prepare a Country Report (you have been learning the format with Miss Lane) and then do an oral presentation to your fellow classmates and teachers.

I am very excited to see and hear all the information you find.


Mrs Williams.


Your task is to research one country that you are connected to.

We will use the ipads and books from the library.

You will use Popplet to record your information.


The following websites can be used:


Before you start researching, please do the following:


Write as many questions as you can think of relating to that topic.

Make a mindmap of the country you will research

Make 5 categories that you will research.

Come up with a list of 5 different questions you could type into Google using your checklist (e.g. Which country in Asia has the largest population?) Circle the keywords in each question.


Create a Popplet with all your information before you begin your country report.

Once you have finished this, you can prepare for your oral presentation.


I will upload the checklist and grading information.

Your research should have an INTRODUCTION which includes (plese tick) :


  • The name of the country
  • Your connection to the country
  • The capital of the country
  • The major language(s) spoken
  • The location (what continent it's on)


Your research can include:

  • Famous people/rulers/kings/presidents/etc. from the country's history.
  • Major events in the country's history.

Your research should have some information on the GEOGRAPHY of your country.  It should include (please tick):


  • Major landforms.
  • Major landmarks.
  • Major bodies of water.
  • Major cities.


Your research should have some information on the CULTURE of your country.  It should include(please tick): :

  • Clothing                     Music
  • Holidays                     Religions
  • Food                           Government

Your research should have at least one paragraph on INTERESTING FACTS about your country.  It could include(please tick)::

  • Population                                   Modes of transportation
  • Story behind the flag               Strange laws
  • Travel tips                                   Native animals


Your paper should have a CONCLUSION paragraph which includes:

A nice wrap-up of your research and why you chose this country.